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Looking for a life partner who has an Asian background? If the answer is ‘Yes,’ AsianDate is the right platform for you. Go through the article to know more.

AsianDate Overview

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  • AsianDate connects all the Asian singles around the world and brings them into one platform.
  • A new member registering in AsianDate can do so with the help of their Google account.
  • The design of the website is very user-friendly.
  • An app is available for free.
  • The mobile application is compatible with android devices.
  • The mobile app shows notification of a new message is received.
  • All the profile details can be edited in the future.
  • You can view the profile of any user.
  • The presence of chat rooms makes sure that all the users get to interact with each other.
  • The number of female users is more than the number of male users.
  • AsianDate does not support people of all sexual orientations.
  • The membership prices are slightly high compared to other dating service provider.
  • For utilizing the full benefits of the messaging system, one must buy credits.
  • The website does not provide many payment options.
  • The ratio of male and female users is very off.
  • It is difficult for females to find a partner, as the number of male users is less.

The working of the dating site

AsianDate has done this matchmaking game since 2001. Once you log in to your account, you are immediately shown hundreds of singles. The website makes sure that they show users only according to your preferences.

Once you like a person, send an email or a letter and start the conversation.

The Simplified Registration and login process

The registration process is free and takes a couple of minutes to complete. Users can use their Google account for this process.

If the Google account is used, you do not need to input your information manually. AsianDate will automatically use the information from that account. Verification is not required in this process.

If you choose to do it manually, you need to input all the information such as name, email, password, sex, and what you are looking for. You can either be ‘a man looking for a woman’ or ‘a woman looking for a man.’ And within the blink of an eye, the registration will be complete.

The Simplified Registration and login process

The Quality of Profiles

Building a profile on AsianDate takes a few minutes. It is not mandatory; you can do it anytime you want. But building an attractive profile will enhance your chances of finding a loved one. After completing the registration, you can make your profile. You need to fill-up the following information;

  • Hobbies and interests
  • Appearance
  • Character
  • Description of what you are looking for.

Finally, add a few attractive pictures of yourself.

Matches and Communication between users

The algorithm that the matching follows is fairly simple. On the search tool, you need to put your preferences so that the website can find what you are looking for. Understanding your preferences will help you narrow down the matches to the perfect user. If you like someone, you can send him or her letters or emails immediately. That person can reply to you, and thus a new conversation can start.

Both free members and paid members can send letters. But only paid users can reply to that letter. It will cost ten credits to reply to a letter.

The structure of the members and their activities

People who are using dating website have one common goal. All of them want to find a forever partner and want to settle down in their life. The users are not looking for a casual relationship or a hook-up. They want a relationship that will last a lifetime. Many non-Asian people are seeking out partners of Asian roots. The members are fairly active and are open to having conversations. Users of AsianDate are of different ages. Have no doubt in mind; you will find the perfect match.

The structure of the members and their activities

Age of the users

You can find users who are 18 years old to users who are 55 and above. The maximum activity is seen within the age group of 25 years and 34 years. The activity slightly reduces in users within the age group of 35 years and 44 years. This activity gradually reduces within users above 45 years. Users who are between 18 years and 24 years are moderately active on the AsianDatewebsite.

Sexual Orientation of the members

Sadly, AsianDate does not support people of all sexual orientations. While registering and opening a new account, the website gives you two options. Either you can be a man looking for a woman or the other way around.

This means people of different sexual orientations like bisexual or homosexual do not stand a chance on this website. They need to opt for some other dating website.

Race and Ethnicity of the members

AsianDate is a race centric dating website. If you have an Asian background or are looking for a partner of Asian background, then it is the website. Generally, American men who are looking for an Asian life partner uses the website.

This dating site is a cultural hub for Asians, and you will get to know a lot about them by interacting with them.

Race and Ethnicity of the members

Religious Orientation of the users

Most of the users of AsianDate do not have a particular religious orientation. Fortunately, the website does not put any restrictions on religion. So, you can expect people of any religion or faith to be a member of AsianDate. Also, the Asian community all around the world do not follow a similar religion. There is a lot of diversity among Asians around the globe.

You should not hesitate to blend in with the community. Or else, it will become difficult for you to find your loved one.

The Features of AsianDate

The website offers many features. These features are unique only to the AsianDate dating website. The following are the special features:

  • Email Correspondence

Email correspondence is a feature that enables you to send emails on the website. If you remotely like someone, you can contact the person by mailing him or her. There is an envelope sign on the profile of every user. Once you click on that, you can use this feature.

  • Call Me

AsianDate takes dating to the next level. With a ‘Call Me’ feature, you can call the person you like and talk to them. But before that, you need to reserve your time so that the user is prepared for the call.

  • Live Chat

The feature ‘Live Chat’ helps you to enjoy uninterrupted texting with your loved one. The person you want to talk to must be online. AsianDate gives you the option to send text messages, do video chats, or play live games. The games are available on the website and are a fun way to interact with your loved one.

  • 3-way call with an interpreter

This is a unique feature of AsianDate, and it can become very handy for each user. If you wish to talk to your loved one and language becomes a barrier, you can use it. You need to schedule a call with your loved one and book an interpreter. The interpreter translates everything for your easier understanding. They will charge you 100 credits for a minimum of 10 minutes of conversation. In this way, you can talk to your lover even if he or she speaks another language.

  • Exchange of virtual gifts

There are a series of virtual gifts present on the website of AsianDate. You can send it to your lover to show how much you adore him or her. What better way to express your feelings? A virtual gift can express all the unspoken emotions. And it is the best way to make him or her feel special. Keep in mind. Sending virtual gifts isn’t free. It will cost you 15 credit points to send one gift.

  • Sending physical gifts

If a virtual gift isn’t a thing for you, don’t feel left out. AsianDate has reserved something for every single user. You can buy your gift and make AsianDate do the delivery for you. They make sure that the delivery is done within 3-5 business days. Not sure if the gift is properly sent or not? The website sends you the picture of your loved one holding the gift in his or her hands.

Sending physical gifts

Safety & Security of the users

AsianDate website protects all your chats via 128-bit SSL encryption. The safety and security of the users is their number one priority. If you find any scammer, you can send an email to [email protected]. You can also contact their team by sending a message directly through the website. The customer service team of AsianDate is available 24/7. They resolve any issues within a few hours of complaint. The cookie and privacy policies are available for users to read through. Also, there is a strict anti-scam policy on the website. This ensures that any scammer or bot does not enter the website.

Is AsianDate legit?

Once a new user completes the registration process and signs in the profile, messages from women start coming. It feels like these messages are pouring down. For this reason, the authenticity is doubtful. The quality of the profile is good, but verification is absent. Many reports are there against the AsianDate website saying that pictures of women are stolen and utilized here. The terms and conditions and privacy policy of the website are given on the home page. If you are facing any problem, you can send an email to their customer support team. The email address is [email protected].

Membership Fees and Types

AsianDate does not provide any membership plans for its users. But you can buy credits to enhance your user experience. The following are the plans which you can opt for:

20 credits: 15.99 USD (at a rate of 0.80 USD per credit)

160 credits: 96.00 USD(at a rate of 0.60 USD per credit)

1000 credits: 399.00 USD (at a rate of 0.40 USD per credit)

All the payments can be made using a credit card or a PayPal account. You can get a refund if you no longer want to use your credits.

Now you might be wondering, ‘What advantages you will receive if you buy credit?’

The answer to this is given below.

Membership Fees and Types

Free Membership

Free members on AsianDate are deprived of many of the utilities and advantages. But they have access to some of the features like registration and profile creation. Searching for users and viewing photos and profiles are free. If any user sends you a letter, you can read it for free. Also, free users can send one message to a person they like.

Paid members of AsianDate enjoy many perks. They can utilize all the features and advantages of the website to its fullest limit. Paid members or premium members can reply to any letter. Features like live chatting and cam share are accessible. If a woman you like has videos on her profile, you can view it without any difficulty. You can send virtual gifts to any person you remotely like. Does the woman you like speak a different language? No problem! As a paid user, you can utilize the three-way call. Here you will be in a call with your lover, and a translator will also be present. The translator will make sure that language does not become a barrier in your love. Also, through AsianDate, you can physically send flowers and presents to your loved one. And you can receive the same.


The design of the AsianDate website is very straightforward. Navigation through the pages is fast and very effortless. It has been well planned and executed beautifully for you. The design is simple and elegant. It has been designed in such a way that you can’t get lost. The colors pop, and it makes the website more attractive. The AsianDate website helps you to save yourself an ample amount of time. After logging in, you will see how the website has different tabs and columns dedicated to each available feature.

There is a glowing call-to-action button that enables you to buy credits for the website. Therefore you can enjoy uninterrupted services and get to enjoy your time on the website.

Paid Membership

A mobile application for extra convenience

Good news for all the mobile users! The creators of AsianDate have designed a mobile app for some extra convenience. The app is free for download from the Google play store. It is compatible with Android users only. This is a major drawback of the mobile application. Other than that, the app will take up a minimum amount of space on your mobile device. AsianDate has managed to keep the app’s design and to function very simply, just like the website. People of any age can utilize it. All the features are symbolized by icons, which are easy to understand.

Whenever there is a message in the AsianDate app, the mobile device shows a notification. In the app, at the bottom of every profile, there is a button that enables you to message the user directly. Also, you can use the inbox and simultaneously scroll through the app.

Contact Information

Company: SOL Networks Limited

Address: Hong Kong, Unit 3, 26/F Greenfield Tower, Concordia Plaza 1, Science Museum RD TsimShaTsui East KL.

Phone: (+852) 2123 1720

(+852) 2123 1721

(+852) 2123 1722

Email: [email protected]

Contact Information

Final Thoughts

AsianDate is a safe social platform where hundreds of singles come and interact every day. If you want an Asian partner, this website can provide you one. Don’t worry much about scammers and fakery. Enjoy your time on the website; you will find your perfect match.

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