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Alt.com is a website that provides a platform for hook-ups to those people who want to have an alternative relationship. This website primarily focuses on fantasies. These fantasies include BDSM and other erotic role-playing types such as bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, and sadomasochism.


ALT.com Overview

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  • Alt.com is pretty famous for its service. It has as many as 2.3 million active members from the North American countries. It proves the website’s popularity among those who are interested in fetish sex.
  • The website pays a particular focus on the privacy of the users. A person can choose what to show and what to hide on his/her profile the activity feed.
  • Live member broadcasts are also available for free members. You don’t have to pay to watch their lives.
  • Alt.com provides very little chance to communicate in free membership. The only thing they can do is look at the profile summaries of others. The profiles have only photo thumbnails.
  • The overall interface of the website is pretty messed up. It is too crowded and has too many features at a similar place. Hence it becomes a little hectic to look at everything.
  • The site also has many fake profiles. It causes a lot of misleads.

How Does It Work?

To start enjoying the functions of this site first, you have to create a free account. Creating an account is easy and can be done in five simple steps. To set up the profile, one needs to provide some necessary information to the site. And it will be all ready for normal functioning.

However, at first glance, the functioning of Alt.com seems quite complicated and messy. There are a lot of blogs and member profiles and media files to choose from. Hence, at first, people mind find it a bit difficult to function through the website.

The site’s primary function is to cater to specific fantasies of people such as BDSM, swingers, and other kinky fetishes. As a result, one can find many amateurs, dominatrixes, and mistresses on the site.

Sign-Up And Login Process

ALT Sign-Up And Login Process

It is pretty simple to signup and login for Alt.com. Anyone who has signed-up or logged in for any other site before can easily do it. One just needs to follow five simple steps to complete the signup.

First of all, one needs to click on the Register Now button on the site to set up the profile. Secondly, you have to insert a user name, your email address, and set up a password. After that, the site will redirect you to a new page where you will have to input some necessary information such as your gender, location, marital status, what you are looking for, your sexual orientation, and other optional information body type.

On the final step of the setup process, Alt.com will ask you to set up a concise introduction title, which is mandatory. You can also write some description. However, it is optional.

Profile Interface

As ALT is very expressive in expressing sexual fantasies, the profiles on the site are also very outspoken and detailed in terms of sexual preferences. For example, the male profiles in the site also have features where you can add your penis size. Moreover, all the Alt.com profiles feature the features where the members can mention their sex fetishes and the BDSM role they prefer.

However, there is one bad news. Unless a person chooses a paid membership, they will not be able to see other members’ profiles on the site. Hence, if one wants to connect to other people from this fetish community and go through their profile, it is better to pay. Overall, ALT’s profile quality is just as the profiles of a hardcore kink sex website must be. The profiles are very expressive about sex.

Communication And Matches

Searching for other profiles on Alt.com can be done in several different ways, however, as it is already mentioned that you have to choose a paid version to search for other profiles. After selecting a paid plan, you can search profiles from the button given at the top menu.

One good thing on the website is that it studies your searches and filters preferred profiles accordingly. Hence in the very first place, you get filtered profiles. And the possible type of people you will search for will be shown along with the distance. Moreover, you can also filter the matches by adjusting the age range, length, and the last Login activity.

The communication part is also natural. One can go to the left and find the active conversations along with all the communication history. One can also filter the messages based on membership type.

Members Structure And Activities

ALT Members Structure And Activities

Alt.com has its most significant membership base in the U.S. It has more than 415,000 members originating from the U.S., alone. Another unique thing that has to be remembered about ALT’s member structure is that the site does not have a membership structure similar to any other dating site. The members that the site has are those who are interested in hardcore fetish sex like BDSM. Hence, it has a unique member structure that other dating sites do not have. Moreover, the members on ALT are not necessarily single. They have married members, including couples and even groups. Hence the member structure of Alt.com is unique. The site gets around 80,000 members’ activity per week, which is pretty impressive. Moreover, the site has 20 percent female members and 80 percent male members.

Users Age

The distribution of the age range on the site is quite diverse. The minimum age to create a profile on the site on 18 years; thus, the age structure begins from 18, but there is no maximum age limit as such. The site has members who are above 55 years of age.

The age structure from most to least members is


  • 25 years to 34 years.
  • Above 55 years.
  • 18 years to 24 years.
  • 35 years to 44 years.
  • 45 to 54 years.


  • 25 years to 34 years.
  • Above 55 years.
  • 35 years to 44 years.
  • 18 years to 24 years.
  • 45 years to 55 years.

Sexual Preferences

Alt.com is very liberal and unbound when it comes to sexual preferences, as you must have understood that it is a site for unconventional sex matching. The site prefers all types of sexual orientations like gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual, etc. and allows couples and even groups to create their profiles and look for fetish sex. Hence, on the website, one can see people from all sorts of sexual preferences that are usually not seen such expressively in other dating sites.

Race And Ethnicity?

Alt.com does not put any guidelines about its users’ race and ethnicity; neither does it prefer any particular race or ethnicity over another. The site is very liberal in terms of everything from sexual orientations to race and ethnicity. However, because the site is primarily focused on the U.S. and other North American countries, the primary race of members that we find are white Europeans.

Religious Orientation

As mentioned already, Alt.com is very liberal in terms of everything. It welcomes those sex fantasies that most people reject in our day to day society. Hence, in terms of religion, it does not do any favoritism. It welcomes members from every religion with open arms. However, because of its location, most of its members subscribe to Christianity.

Alt.com Dating Website Features

Alt.com Dating Website Features
  • The members can use the unique Cupid Report feature to help them find who they are matched with in terms of fetishes. The site also has a match feature for new members.
  • The site has another unique feature using which one can see who has viewed their profile. You can also list the profiles you have viewed. It can also be turned off.
  • The site has the feature of broadcasting live videos and web-cam. If you are a Mac user, you have to download a specific program to broadcast videos.
  • The site has another unique feature using which members can chat with others in the Private Chat Rooms. Moreover, one can send Voice Messages too.
  • Most interestingly, within the site itself, members can create their blogs and magazines. They can also create their collection of fetish videos.

Safety And Security

Alt.com Safety And Security

Alt.com has a safe and secure privacy policy. It pays proper attention to maintaining the privacy of the data provided by its members and promises personal safety. Moreover, the site gives special attention to identifying spam, harassment, and other such security threats. On top of that, the site has a 24/7 customer case support facility where anyone can call and ask for help regarding any topic and any type of problem they face.

Is Alt.com Legit Or Scam Servise

First of all, ALT is entirely legit. It is not a fake website. The site has more than 145,000 members from the U.S. alone. It gets around 80,000-page visits every week. Hence, the site is trustworthy since such vast numbers of people are regularly using it. Though many people complain that the site has fake profiles but that, in no way, makes the site illegitimate.

Subscription Types And Price

Alt.com Subscription Types And Price

Apart from the free membership plan, Alt.com has different paid plans they are,

Silver Service

  • Three months at $14.09 per month. Total cost, $42.27.
  • Twelve months at $9.79 per month. Total cost, $117.47.

Gold Service

  • Three months at $17.62 per month. Total cost, $70.47.
  • Twelve months at $9.79 per month. Total cost, $176.23.

Free Membership

One does not have to do something extra to take the free membership. As soon as you create a profile on Alt.com, you will be asked to choose a paid plan or continue the free subscription. The free subscription for the site comes as a default feature. But it has several limitations.

As mentioned, the site has two types of paid membership plans. One is Silver Service, and the other is Gold Service. By default, one gets free membership, but one can simply open the menu, go to his subscription, and choose a pain plan accordingly. They can simply play using any bank card. Also, the subscription can be changed or discontinued at any time.

Website Design And Usability

Alt.com Website Design And Usability

Alt.com has a straightforward website interface. It uses a combination of 3 colors. It has a black background, and the fonts are yellow and white. Hence, everything is easily readable. However, some people have complained that the site interface is a little messed up with many audio and video contact stuffed up in one place. Moreover, some details are not correctly mentioned. Hence the design is average in terms of usage.

Mobile Application

Unfortunately, Alt.com does not have a mobile app until now. However, the website is pretty mobile-friendly, which is good news. No, certain information provided until now about the launch of any mobile app shortly.

Contact Information

Operator: Magnolia Blossom, Inc.

Address 1: 910 E. Hamilton Ave., Sixth Floor, Campbell, U.S.

Address 2: Outside the U.S. by Athelstan Enterprise B.V. 15, 1101 BA, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Toll-Free Support: 1-855-776-8436 | 1-855-794-2242 | 1-855-820-6213 | 1-866-266-0961


Alt.com is a unique website that welcomes BDSM fetishes. A thing that most people reject. Hence, this website provides a platform for those people who are unconventional in terms of sex. Therefore, this website is an individual thing, and people who are into sex fetishes should visit this site.

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