Fetlife Review

Looking for people who share the same sexual preferences as you do? Fetlife may become your reliable guide to BDSM, fetish stuff, and other “weird” sex experiences. There are no boundaries except for illegal content, and you may feel free to write anything you like or dislike practicing with your partner or alone. This is an honest review of this social media designed for fans of extraordinary sex.

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What Is Fetlife?

You are probably a current member of social media platforms, including Facebook or Instagram. Fetlife is a social network as well, but for people loving BDSM, fetish, and erotic storytellings. It fits straight, heteroflexible, bisexual, homoflexible, gay, lesbian, queer people, among others. Note, during the registration process, you may indicate who you are.

It is hard to say that Fetlife is meant for people seeking love, long-term relationships, or marriage. Other websites serve this mission. Fetlife can rarely boast such events, but you may find someone to share your sexual preferences with.

It is a closed community only. A person cannot simply visit the website and understand what is behind the curtains. This privacy policy helps deprive existing users of any judgment or mockery from those who dislike sexual practices out of traditional perception.

You register, fill out necessary personal details, including nickname, orientation, email, and start reading popular users and making friends with them.

Member Structure

What Is Fetlife?

Fetlife has like ¾ of male users, especially from the United States. Speaking of the general member structure in terms of age category, most members are between 25-35 years old.

Then, Fetlife hosts users of many sexual practices and preferences. Some people are fond of posting their erotic paintings or nudes. You can find members of various orientations and professional background. Fetlife has an age category to filter an amateur kink person from a skilled mistress.

This kink platform was launched back in 2008; since that time, it boasts approximately 7.3 million users. Their unique feature is geolocation, which allows visitors to see where a particular online friend is. The most popular locations are in Canada and the USA.

Fetlife’s terms of use involve some restrictions on platform usage. It concerns underaged people. If you are below 18, your account will be deleted.

Users Age

With Fetlife, you may come across different age brackets except for users below 18. There are dominants of 50 years old, fetishist of 20, and many more. By entering one of the Fetish groups, you may discover your peers. Start messaging to share sexual storytelling.

The highest prevalence of members are millennials of 24-35 years old. In particular, it concerns the male audience. Note that it is strictly forbidden to create an account being underaged.

Sexual Preferences

During the registration, users may check the full list of sexual preferences. By clicking the Role option, you see whom you may meet out there.

Fetlife opens their website to people of different roles, including:

  • Dominant
  • Domme
  • Switch
  • Submissive
  • Mistress
  • Daddy
  • Mommy
  • Voyeur
  • Exhibitionist
  • Cuckold
  • Sadist
  • Masochist
  • Swinger

If you cannot find your preference, Fetlife allows you to add it or create a separate group.

Race and Ethnicity

Fetlife is open to any person. This platform allows hiding one’s ethnicity or race; however, it may deprive some participants who are into racial fetishes of enjoying kinks.

Religious Orientation

Fetlife nourishes the diversity among its community. There is no discrimination and judgment regarding the sexual preferences of religious users. It is forbidden to complain about religious beliefs and promote the statements as “my kink is appropriate, while yours is not good as you are Christian, Muslim, Jew, etc.” You are not allowed to post photos discriminating one’s beliefs, as such content will be deleted, and you may get blocked.

Using the search bar or scrolling the groups, you may find fetishists who follow a certain religion or mention it to find a religious kink.

Age Distribution

Taking into consideration the age distribution at Fetlife, it is possible to outline that there are more men rather than women.

18-24 years
6% — women
18% — men

7% — women
21%— men

5% — women
12% — men

4% — women
10% — men

55 and older
5% — women
12% — men

Note, the data is based on approximate calculations. Users who biologically are females or males may consider themselves genderqueer. It means they identify themselves out of gender.

How to Register at Fetlife?

Fetlife attracts kinks because of its free of charge nature. You do not have to pay for the subscription at first but register and communicate without any limitations.

When you sign up, there are empty fields to indicate nickname, gender, sexual orientation, role, date of birth, country, email, and password. After filling out this information, you have to indicate your mobile number to verify the account. You will receive a confirmation code, which then allows you to proceed with creating your account. Such safety measures help to avoid bots, as well as you may retrieve your password or login this way when you forget the sign-in details.

You should not worry about the confidentiality of the information. It is protected with SSL-encryption.

Note, it is impossible to sign up with other social media like Facebook or Google. You may always mention the link to other accounts in the About Me section.

How to Register at Fetlife?

Making Contact

Fetlife has nothing in common with Tinder or OkCupid platforms, as it is not streamlined. You may discover people like on social media surfing through groups of interest, popular users, and blogs. Also, it has a feed where your friends share their activity, and others comment on it. You won’t be matched with singles or specific kinks unless you search for them or join the discussion groups where they basically reside.

At Fetlife, you may message other users for free, and it looks like the email chatting. One more feature of Fetlife is that you may find users in your area. Use Perv Kinkster Nearby on the conversation page. Otherwise, go to the search bar and come across random visitors.

One warning about contacting others — you should always read their profiles. Some people reveal what type of communication they are open to. Usually, it serves to avoid any negative dialog. For example, masochists are not interested in listening that you do not like their sexual preference. Such a conversation may end up very upsetting.
Furthermore, if you notice someone special, try to avoid writing just “Hi,” “Hello.” It may sound boring, and there won’t be any reply. If the conversation ended up with any harassment or disrespect from your interlocutor, feel free to block that user.

Finally, you should understand that any profile may contain sexually explicit content, including nudes and videos of users with something you deem inappropriate or offensive. It is a +18 platform, so there is no sense of judgment. If you do not like it, please leave that page without any discussion.

Match System

At Fetlife, you won’t be matched with a person like on Tinder. You should join communities or discussion groups where people with similar sexual preferences are met. Otherwise, everything is the same with the search bar: people just look for random visitors and then message them. Actually, if you have an interesting account, or post YOUR REAL naked photos, you are most likely to be at the top. So, other like-minded members may find you to communicate.

Accordingly, there is no such term as a matching system at Fetlife.

Profile Quality

Users are most likely to create profiles with fictional information about them. It concerns nicknames or personal background. They may add random pictures and make up stories about themselves if they want to. It is fine for Fetlife, but still, some are not shy about sharing their unique personality.

Fetlife has a warning regarding the uploading of photos or videos. You should add only those illustrative materials which belong to you, or you have permission to use and post them on third-party websites, including Fetlife. Beware, others may complain if they find their content and report it to the administration of Fetlife.

If the user managed to fill out the profile to the maximum, you would clearly understand their fetishes or expectations. On the left side of the page, one may find the user’s friends, followers, and the following section. Under that section, there is a small tab for WRITING, where users share their thoughts.

Another thing concerns the privacy of the profile. At any time possible, you may keep it private or filter users who may see it. Or, be ready to accept any messages from others that would like to interact with you.

As for fake profiles, it is quite complicated to detect them. You never know whether photos or videos belong to the user because some tend to upload the ones without faces. If you come across fakes, feel free to report them to the Fetlife administration.

One drawback of the actual profile quality is that Fetlife itself seems outdated when it comes to interface. Though, you won’t experience any discomfort when searching for kinks or checking one’s information. The site is made in a dark color.

How to Fill out a Profile?

No need for reinventing the wheel; Fetlife is simple in terms of the profile. Everything is structured, and you decide what you want to indicate about yourself or what to leave for better times.

Empty profiles commonly attract less attention, as most users are men, and they would like to see photos and videos to understand whether their sexual craving may be satisfied.

The profile page consists of 6 parts or tabs.

  • The first tab allows one to add or edit information specified during the registration, including sexual interest and a kink one is interested in.
  • The second tab is storytelling. Describe what or who you are looking for, what sexual preference you have, or share your sex experience/fetish with others. Some also use this tab for informing other people about what they are NOT fond of. For example, “Do not text me if you do not like Sadism, etc.”
  • The third tab alerts about relationship status. You may add another person and mark each other as partners. Note, you must be friends on the site.
  • The fourth tab serves as a link-storage. You may add links to other social media profiles you are currently in, like Instagram or Facebook, Tinder, and so on.
  • The fifth and sixth tabs are for posting photos and videos. The videos should be a maximum of 5GB.

The more information you have, the more chances you have to find someone for interaction or practice of the fetishes you are into.


Myriad of advantages can be found at Fetlife. Privacy and security policy are an example. The administration ensures there is no violation of one’s rights and privacy. It concerns the revealing of first or last names, as well as mobile numbers. A member can disclose a mobile number for the business, event, or organizational purposes only.

Alongside this, Fetlife is good at:

  • It is free of charge. You can register and start communicating with other users and joining the discussion groups of your interest and sexual preference. The only exception is videos. You should buy a $5 membership to view the content of fellow members.
  • Variety of kinks with the weirdest sexual fantasies and fetishes. Lesbians, gay, masochists, sadists, spanking-lovers, and many more you could never imagine existed. Join the groups where people share their experience in practicing one or another fetish and make contact for a real experience outside the Internet world.
  • Explicit content. Fetlife allows posting videos and photos of their naked bodies.
  • It is a responsible platform. You may think that Fetlife is very open about sexually explicit content and allows posting everything you want. It is partially true, except for child pornography and illustrative materials with underaged people. It is forbidden.
  • Supportive community. Fetlife promotes positivity among kinks. The user is not judged or body shamed. If you post a nude photo with visible imperfections, you will most likely be complimented on them. It is a social media where everyone is accepted with their weird skills, preferences, practices, and interests.
  • Easy-to-use. Register and access the interactions and discussions with others. You may find groups actively discussing your particular fetish. Initiate a conversation and move further with one person if you look for a real-life exchange of sexual experience.

Beyond that, Fetlife is extremely safe. All your personal information, credentials, password, login are protected.

They do not push for money, you are free to use it without any subscription fee, but the administration accepts donations if you want to support this kink community.

Mobile App

Currently, Fetlife offers its mobile application only for Android users. It is unknown whether they plan to launch the one for iOS devices.

As per statistics, users prefer switching to a mobile application to use the service, as it is always at hand and with a comfortable interface.

With the mobile app, you access the same services and functions as on the desktop version. The only exception is a temporary time-out for messaging if you sent too many texts to others. It is common for people who send dozens of messages to everyone to find a sex partner only.

You may turn on notifications to be updated whenever someone wants to chat with you.

Highlights of Fetlife mobile application:

  • You may download it only from fetlife.vip.
  • Use your mobile browser to access the site. It is a huge plus for those who cannot download the program.
  • Fetlife’s functionality is intuitive and similar to the desktop version.
  • It is free.

How to Download Application?

To download the Fetlife mobile application, you should go to fetlife.vip and click “Download Fetlife.” You won’t find it in Google Play or AppStore.

  • After you downloaded the APK file, open it.
  • It will run a dialog box, where you should click on “Settings.”
  • Go to the Security tab and find “Device Administration.”
  • Turn on the “Unknown Sources” option.
  • Re-open the file.
  • Enjoy the kink community on your Android device!

iOS users can use the mobile version through their browsers.

Note, the APK version is compatible with Android 4.0 and higher.

The Interface of the Mobile App

Fetlife’s mobile application does not differ in the interface and comfort from the desktop version. You access the same features and may surf through the discussion groups or search for people with similar sexual preferences.

It allows you to receive a notification whenever you have a message, or there is some friends’ activity you may miss. The Fetlife app also presents the map for all users who would like to search for nearby events and stay on top of gatherings.

As for discreet mode, any mobile user may enjoy the usual app logo. No one will understand where the notifications come from or what program you use. It suits those who want to avoid embarrassing moments with people who are unaware of all the fetishes existing these days.

Design and Usability

Nothing may actually surprise you in the design and usability of the Fetlife platform. It has a dark-colored theme, and basic icons resemble the design of an old Facebook version.

Once you visit any profile, you see only general information: nickname, role, preferences, ABOUT ME section, photos, and friends.

The platform is easy-to-use with no pop-ups or advertising moments. A newcomer may find the FAQ section to get a basic understanding of how everything works. As for illustrative materials, the website has restrictions on the video size —5GB maximum.

Another precaution concerns comments and public discussions in the groups. Fetlife allows users to delete personal messages, edit the profile; however, comments left on the forums are there forever. Think twice before harassing someone, as others may report it; take a screenshot and send it to the support team of the website.

One more point concerns the color scheme. Yes, the website itself is black, red, gray. It does not strike the eyes, and some members may have trouble reading the text. This theme is believed to correspond to the platform’s mission — discreet, hidden, or undercover conversations about the most intimate and kink experiences.

All in all, design and usability are fine for a free platform. You won’t complain about them as you access all the mysterious chats and groups without paying a cent.

Cost and Membership Prices

As was said numerous times, Fetlife is free. Yes, you may register, communicate with others, and download the app for free. It is great but has some exceptions revealed below.

Fetlife has only some cost for video-watching, but it is $5 only. It is a fair rate if you want to check what one popular user presents for the online community. Furthermore, the platform is free only during the first 6 months. Let’s check the prices more in detail.

If you are a member of Fetlife for more than 6 months, you should contribute to the platform $30 for the next 6 consecutive months. If you want to donate more, you may subscribe for a 12-month membership, which costs $60, or a lifetime membership, which is $240.

A good thing about this paying process is that it is not auto-renewed. You won’t be charged without any notification as it happens with other dating platforms. You should do it manually each time you plan to support this project.

Note, generous users who help Fetlife grow and keep its head above the water get additional privileges, including:

  • The “I Support Fetlife” badge. It is added automatically on the profile. You may hide it if you want.
  • Access to all videos and discussion topics, as well as the most liked photos of others.
  • Check the content you have recently viewed.
  • Adjust the design of your page so that it stands out from the rest.

You will also get the privilege to be among the first to try the new features of Fetlife.

Free Services

Free services attract more people, and it is no surprise. Frankly speaking, Fetlife can be comfortably used without any paying, but as you know, only during the first 6 months.

Free services at Fetlife include registration, chatting, viewing photos, joining discussion groups. Imagine you are on Instagram, use it for free, and spend days scrolling the feed. The mechanism of actions is the same on Fetlife, but you cannot access videos of others.

Fee-Based Services

As for fee-based services, users may get a badge “I Support Fetlife,” view the most viewed and loved photos. That’s it. Considering the possibilities of free access, you won’t even need some extra-free privileges.

Key Features of the Fetlife Website

Fetlife differs from any other social media you used to see. It is a BDSM platform for people who want to expand boundaries in sexual experience. It is possible to outline a few features that make Fetlife unique:

  • Explicit content with many naked photos and videos.
  • A supportive community —any fetish is welcomed.
  • Discussion groups.
  • Events to support the Fetlife community and gatherings.
  • Free membership with no distractive ads or irritating pop-ups.
  • The feed allows you to find other like-minded individuals, follow them, and if they are near you, meet them in real life.

The most important tool remains Fetishes. There are many of them, for any taste and age category. If you cannot find fetish you like to practice and share with other users, create a blog. Otherwise, you may resort to discussion groups.

Safety & Security

It is more than a safe platform. Fetlife does its best to protect users’ personal data and their sexual preferences. No granted access to third-party websites, no hacking events. Fetlife may only make use of tools to check the statistics. They use SSL-encryption and protect your data by complying with the local laws.

If you want to see more information on Privacy Policy, check their website.

Is Fetlife Legit or Just a Scam?

It is impossible to mark Fetlife as a scam. It does not even try to ask you for some money except for a very CHEAP membership fee. It won’t make you pay for each and single service, including messaging. If you have had experience using dating websites, you know how it happens. There are scam girls and money-laundering for photo, video, or call. Fetlife may contain some fake profiles. But, they monitor them and ensure they are eliminated.

No worries, you may use Fetlife without any risks to your pocket.


You can find many reviews and feedback about Fetlife, and they differ. Most of the users reported a unique experience they get, and others — complete disappointment. It happens for a few reasons. First, people do not like to come across fake accounts or those who do not accept their fetish. Secondly, some members are irritating, as they continue offering sex, sex, and sex.

Fetlife deserves a good grade. Most of its content is free, showing their good intentions and desire to unite like-minded individuals.

Contact Information

Fetlife’s administrators are open to any communication with users. You may send your email 24/7 and explain what bothers you. For general inquiries regarding the usage of Fetlife, send your message to [email protected]. If you want to report a fake profile or have been exposed to harassment, judgment, bullying, contact [email protected].

For legal queries — [email protected]

If you have advertising offers or would like to collaborate with Fetlife, write directly to
[email protected].


What can be said about Fetlife? It is incredible how much content is available for kinks from around the world on a free basis. You can access discussion groups, sexual content, and are not harassed for having a certain fetish.

Fetlife is user-friendly, convenient, and supportive if you want to find a group with the same interest. At first, you may find it too open, as it is unusual to access such websites without being worried about legal consequences. Then, you dive into an experience with no boundaries in terms of sex.

Fetlife is an amazing social media-like website, but you should also understand one thing. Like other services, it may contain visitors who want to spread negativity or judge your interests. Do not worry, you may report them. Also, be patient when you post nudes or videos and receive hundreds of messages with offers. Some may invite you for a date if you live nearby, others may stalk you online.

Fetlife is worth it, and you won’t find such openness for free in the market. Register, find you fetish community, and take part in the events to promote Sex Without Stereotypes!

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