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Various ways to find a perfect match for looking for a relationship.

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  • Cupid allows the user to browse the profiles who have a free account.
  • This dating site's main benefit is that there are various ways to communicate, which is from messages, "Cupid's Arrow," "winks," chat rooms, many more.
  • The option of clear, brief, but comprehensive profiles fragment in search bar allows the various users to navigate the page easily.
  • It also shows the last login time of the user on their profile page.
  • Every user must complete the profile section completely to attract the dates.
  • There are many icons available in a very great amount for the users, which makes the user quite confused who is not technically educated.
  • Whenever any user crosses the limitations of free membership, then the attempts to signing- up pop up occurs for the paid membership regularly.
  • The search option available on this dating site is general, which cannot be saved to use later.
  • Users have to mention their personality traits as there is no such personality test or matching ability available on the site.

Cupid is the oldest dating website that was developed by NSI Holdings in June 2002. This dating site provides a substantial service with various ways to find a perfect match for looking for a relationship. Overall, this dating site is well laid out and is quite easy to use for an individual while creating a profile. This dating site’s service is designed for a user to search for a perfect match as per their choice. As users’ profiles offer enough information about the other users, which facilitates them to make correct decisions with whom they would like to date potentially. There are various advantages and disadvantages of this dating site, which are listed below:

How does this dating site work?

Once the user has created their account on this dating site, the website will ask the user to submit their details and match preferences to find a suitable date for them. After that, the user has to complete the quiz to reveal more information related to their personality. Even the user can also search for the matches through the free search function. Once the user has found a perfect match, they will have to pay a premium membership to communicate with them.

Cupid Review

How an individual can Sign-Up & Login onto the site

Users can sign up through their Facebook account or any valid email id as the registration process takes only 5-10 minutes. This dating site asks only the basic information from the user like their age and height etc. After filling all the details, the user has to complete the personality test, which they can skip or complete later on as per their convenience. Then this dating site creates a username that can be further used for online dating. It allows the user to create their profile with a personalized cover photo, video, and profile photo. It gives the user an option to fill in the information related to their hobbies, books, movies, and music to find the matches with common interests. Apart from proclaiming the user’s personal information, this dating site also asked the user to provide their preferences related to the matches. For example, the site will ask the user about their religion. Simultaneously, it will also ask the user if they have a particular preference for their partner’s religion.

Describe about the Profile interface of Cupid

This dating site has a modern as well as techy-looking attractive design with multiple icons and flashy looks that attract the modern generation but appears to be disarranging, which is difficult to figure out. Regardless of being ostentatiously attractive or impressive, Cupid delivers easy accessible dropdown menus as well as straightforward functioning. The profile interface of this dating site is very extensive. Cupid has various text columns such as Sexual orientation, Race, Education, Religion, Income/Employment, and Physical attributes, which every user has to fill out to show their preferences. This dating site allows the user to provide detailed information about them using the text box labeled “About Me.” Personality Sliders is something that differentiates this dating site from a lot of other dating sites. At the bottom of every user’s profile, they will get an option to view several elements with the sliders next to it. So, a user can assess their personality and can adjust the sliders as per that.

Describe about the Profile interface of Cupid

How to make Matches and Communicate with them

Users can search for the matches by using the free search function or the LikeBook. If any user chooses the free search function, they can search for any user on the site who has deactivated the safe mode. Also, that particular user can filter the search by using the following tabs:

  • New members
  • Last online
  • Distance
  • Match Level

Apart from these filters, users can further specify their search results as per their age, state, and even country.

This dating site’s search result shows the user’s picture, name, age, and location. On the upper right portion of their photo, a user can see small round icons – which have the badges that will tell whether or not a particular person is a premium user. If any user wants to communicate, then below each entry, there are three icons: a heart, a smiley, and a chat bubble. Apart from this, Cupid has its free chat room, which allows a user to join and chat with other users. This dating site has little creative titbits that are quite funny, which in turn helps any user to make bonding with another person.

How to make Matches and Communicate with them

What about the Members structure of this dating site and their activities

The user numbers for this dating site are still decent as there are always various people online, as proven by the number of people in the chat room during peak hours. Cupid is filled with those users who are looking for a serious relationship or marriage. This dating site has around 1,000,000 members from the USA, and similarly, the male ratio is more, i.e., 65%, compared to the female, i.e., 35 %. It has been calculated that this dating site has a total of about 2.5 million members. After analyzing this Dating site monthly wise, it has been concluded that Cupid has a total of 616,000 active users every month.

What is the user’s age who can create their profile on this dating site

The user whose age is above 18 years can register on this dating site by creating their account.

Tell about the Sexual preferences

Regarding sexual preferences, this dating site gives privileged to those persons who are straight, gay, lesbian, and bisexual to create their account on the cupid site.

Tell about the Race and Ethnicity of this dating site

Anyone of any nationality or gender can sign up for a free account with this dating site.

What about the Religious Orientation of this dating site

Anybody belonging to any caste can log in to this dating site as it is bias-free.

Describe about the Cupid dating website features

The Features of this dating website are being listed below:

1) This site has numerous ways to communicate with other members, such as “Cupid’s Arrow,” instant messaging, “winks,” mail, and chat rooms.

2) Those members who are interested in flirting can use the option”Winks,” which allows every user to flirt with other users.

3) Regarding the “Cupid’s Arrow,” it is a short and flirty message which every user sends to other users as Icebreakers.

4) This dating site has a Desktop Chatting feature in which anybody could download the app’s chat program as well as talking away without remaining on this website.

Tell about the Sexual preferences

Describe about the Safety options & Security measures of this dating site

This dating site protects its members’ personal information whenever they create their profile to remain anonymous whenever they communicate with other members to know them better. Cupid’s onsite messaging tool and chat allow the user to interact with other matches without using their Private tools of communication.

For the users’ safety, this dating site has got a feature known as Safe Mode, which has three options: Off, Basic, and Full. With Safe Mode off, any user on this dating site can contact the other members. Basic Safe Mode allows trustworthy members to contact the other user. If anybody has opted for a Full Safe Mode, then only the verified users can contact the other person.

Is Cupid legit or scam service?

Yes, this dating site is legit, owned by a legitimate company with legal rights to operate a dating website.

Describe the subscription types provided by this dating site and price

This dating site, i.e., Cupid has a premium subscription, which allows the users to have more benefits. Apart from this subscription, it also has a cupid arrow, i.e., collecting perks that every user can purchase individually. If any user answers the 50% statement of unique compatibility test correctly, they will get an off of 50 % on their premium subscription as a bonus.

As far as the prices are being concerned regarding the premium subscription, for a single month, a user has to pay a total of $ 23.99, i.e., Rs 1796.14. Secondly, if anybody wants to take the subscription for three months, then they have to pay a total of $62.37 (Rs 4669.66), which means $20.79 every month (Rs 1556.55), and those who want to avail the membership for six months then the user has to pay a total of $95.94 (Rs 7183.05), which means every month the user has to pay $15.99 (Rs 1197.18).

Is Cupid legit or scam service?

What are the services offered if a user opt for Free membership?

Regarding those members who have not taken any membership and created their account free of cost, they can avail of the benefits mentioned below:

1) This dating site allows the user to register on Cupid free of cost and also enables them to create their profile.

2) Moreover, free members can participate in matching quizzes.

3) Free members can use the option of member search to find a perfect date for them.

4) Even, this dating site allows the free members to use the chatroom to connect with the other members.

Describe the services offered to those who have taken the Paid membership

The members who have taken the subscription get the services which are being listed below:

1) Users can send messages to other members who have taken the subscription.

2) Even this dating site allows the paid members to view all the photos on other user’s profiles, which they have updated.

3) This dating site facilitates the paid members to check who has like their profiles and also enables them to see who has viewed their profile.

Briefly explained about the website design and usability

This dating website Cupid has so many buttons to clicks and many new aspects to discover. Although not everyone likes this dating site’s features, some users may feel overwhelmed with the thoroughgoing number of features available on the website. Even with such features, the website design is not a complicated one but a simple blue and white layout that keeps all the things very neat and organized for the user.

Briefly explained about the website design and usability

Does this dating site have a Mobile application

Yes, this dating site is available for iPhone and Android users. Cupid mobile application has a blue-on-white theme that the desktop version has got. The interface of the mobile app has a solid browser that supports smaller screens.

What about the contact information of this dating site?

company: NSI Holdings Ltd

address: 19 Bolsover Street, London W1W 5NA

phone: 1-800-481-3117

e-mail: [email protected]

Summing- Up this dating site

The bottom line of this dating site, i.e., Cupid, is that it is considered the best online dating site that is currently running without any doubt. The website of this dating site has a dynamic structure, and by visiting the profiles of hundreds of singles, sometimes a user enjoys a lot rather than feeling bored. This dating site’s service has got some awesome features, such as creative quiz questions that determine the personality of an individual and keeps them entertained. But this dating site doesn’t allow any user to save filters on the search function as every user has to set their filters whenever they search for the other members. This dating site allows the user to report by contacting Cupid’s customer support team if they found any other user’s profile is a fake one. This dating site has very few fake profiles as it enables the user to turn the safe mode to basic or full. It has been concluded that this dating site is a streamlined site that gives every user a modern feel along with effective and advanced features to find a perfect match for them. It is advisable not to sign up using the Facebook account as it is quite a risky move for the users as they will lose their personal information for cheap convenience.

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