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HER Dating is a unique site that provides lesbians a platform to find a compatible partner for themselves. If you are a girl who is interested in another beauty but can’t express it because of different reasons, you do not need to be disappointed.

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HER Dating Overview

HER Dating
HER Dating
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  • Similar Orientation: While an open platform is good, it is sometimes a disadvantage for lesbians. They end up spending hours trying to find a person with the same sexual orientation. This platform is solely for the bisexual and lesbian ladies, so you can find matches without wasting time
  • Special Feature: A unique and striking feature of it is that you can continue other activities on the app, and again you can scroll back to your profile at the same time
  • Simple Sign-up: The sign-up process is straightforward; you can simply join HER Dating by using your Instagram or Facebook account. It is required for authentication
  • Creating Profile: After signing in HER Dating, you automatically set your profile picture and name, but you can effortlessly build your own. The matches will be shown according to the location and preferable age
  • Public Friend List: You can connect with all the girls around the world, make your friend's privacy public to get like-minded people
  • Allowance: You can check and see the display picture and names of liked profiles
  • Unlimited Messaging: You can send unlimited texts, know more details about your partners, and get closer
  • Very Little information of Users: HER Dating approves you to see the necessary information, like - profile pictures, name, and email address of the members. It is difficult to understand the real nature of a person
  • Application lags at times: The application lags at times, and you get stuck. You need to wait for some time or sign out from it and then sign in again. It is a bit annoying; you don't like to get stuck in the middle of a conversation

Many people join dating sites to find a suitable match either for a long-term or a casual relationship. Her Dating provides you with space where you can find people with similar interests and look for the right partner for yourself.

Online dating sites have changed a lot of things about dating. If you are a lesbian, you don’t need to put a lid on your feelings. HER Dating helps you find a person with similar interests. You can chat or talk to the person to know about her and whether she is perfect for a long-term relationship or a one-night stand. Usually, in every possible perspective, people have their unique craving for choosing partners, and it is so generic. Some people expect trustworthy and long-lasting relationships, while some date just for relaxed activities. Some are looking for partners to get intimate with, whereas others prefer to have more than one partner for fulfilling physical craving.

HER Dating offers an excellent platform to choose queer girls, making it stand out in the crowd of all the other dating apps. This website is a significant online podium to associate with several lesbians to enhance your experience in the homosexual world and unnerve the heterosexual community.

HER Dating Review

How does It Work?

HER Dating is an online dating smartphone app crafted for the lesbian community. It is a perfect platform for finding queer, polygamous, bisexual, homosexual, bizarre women, etc. Though homosexuality is now legalized in many countries, yet some people still cannot accept it. That is why people from the LGBTQ community often face many problems. However, this dating platform gives lesbians or bisexual people space, where the girls can choose their partners without any hesitation. Once you find a compatible person, you can connect with her and take it forward from there. HER Dating is used in different parts of the globe, especially in Australia, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands, etc.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Sign-up into the HER Dating app is simple and easy. Firstly, you need to install this app on your smartphone. The app is available in Google Play Store as well as Apple Apps Store. So, if you have an Apple or an Android phone, you can download the app. You can sign-up on this app using your social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. The information is synced with your profile details. After signing in, or opening accounts in HER Dating, you start getting responses from other people, and they start liking your profile within a few minutes.

Profile Interface

A profile on Her Dating includes the name, age, height, sexuality, relationship status, etc. It allows you to update your information related to gender, sexual orientation, and many other things. The lesbian dating app recommends you to update multiple profile pictures so that others can identify you correctly. You can peep into the friend list of other members on their profile.


You can see the recommendations and find a match from there. The recommendations keep on changing from time to time. Apart from this, you can search for a suitable match using different filters. It helps you to shortlist those profiles who are compatible with you. Once you find the right match, you can try to communicate with the person.

The dating platform allows you to send unlimited messages even for free members. However, there is a catch; you cannot send messages to anyone or everyone. You can send messages only to those people who are your friends or a mutual match. You can try to connect with the filtered members and make friends build a relationship.


Members Structure and Activities

The app has a large member base of around 4 million, which is enormous, considering the site only caters to the LGBTQ community. It gives you an idea about the popularity of this dating platform. You can see members from different parts of the world, from Australia to the USA. The app accepts membership from different ethnic as well as religious backgrounds. This app is a melting pot for lesbians from across the globe. The members are from different age groups; you can find an 18-year-old as well as a 45-year-old. The diverse membership base is the beauty of the site. You can choose a partner from more than four million users. Given the massive number of users this app has, you can find a partner in the next door. Imagine if that happens, won’t it be amazing for you?

Users Age

There are plenty of people who are using the HER Dating app, but the only criterion for using this app is that the person should be an adult. So, the person below 18 can’t join here. However, there is no upper age limit for joining the site. You can find a lot of members who are in their late 40s as well. Once you join, there is no limitation in choosing polygamous relationships, whether you are single or committed.

Sexual Preferences

The HER Dating app is well known for choosing lesbian partners. Only girls and women can build their choices on this platform. So, the first criterion for creating a profile on this dating app is the person should be a female. Men are not allowed to take part here. After joining, you can filter your sexual orientation according to your preferences.

Race and Ethnicity

This online dating platform offers a diverse range of women from different parts of the world. It doesn’t discriminate against people based on their race and ethnicity. People from all races and ethnicities are welcome to access and meet partners on this website.

Religious Orientation

In the modern era, a person’s religious belief does not matter in choosing a random partner for sexual desires or someone for a long-lasting and meaningful relationship. So, you may achieve your desire on the internet by avoiding people’s tantrums, gossips regarding different religious communities. The site is open to people from all religions.

Religious Orientation

HER Dating Website Features

Some essential and impressive features are described below-

  • You can access five tabs in this app at a time to do several searches.
  • Another useful feature of the HER Dating app is to interact with communities or social groups. You may get various information in your feed if you access these social groups, which will upgrade the newest traces.
  • If you change your location, you can also get new matches according to the upgraded location. HER Dating will allow you to obtain more options for choosing partners after changing location.
  • People having an account in this app can be aware of local events, and they can share the tickets of those events with their fellow users.
  • If you have a free membership, you can still send unlimited messages, posts, comments on the post, phone calls, meetings, etc.
HER Dating Website Features

Safety & Security

The confidentiality of HER Dating is one of the features of this lesbian dating app. Personal information on the profiles and personal chats everything is kept in private. The platform recommends people to respect each other’s opinions and also to acknowledge each other. It is also mentioned that any vulgar comment, personal attack, or bullying will not be tolerated.

Moreover, you can only see the name and display picture of a liked profile, or who likes your profile. Other information will not be shown if you do not have any membership access in your account. The reference profiles will come in suggestions according to location and age. Only the people having premium membership can access the details of any profile.

Apart from this, this app gives ample importance to the requirements of all queer women. But here, the age to join this app is also specified, and no one under the age of 18 can join this app. We already know that HER Dating is an app that allows the members to communicate freely to make their community more robust and more integrated.

Is HER Dating Legit or Scam Service?

HER Dating is one of the popular online platforms and legit to find perfect partners for polygamous relationships. Virtual options are preferable than offline options, so being scammed is a rare chance in HER Dating. However, there might be a few profiles who can try to trick you. So, you should stay alert when you are in a virtual world. If you find anything suspicious, you can block the person and report it to the customer service.

Safety & Security

Subscription Types and Price

There are two kinds of membership you may find after completing registration in the HER Dating app, free membership, and premium membership.

Free Membership

You can open an account in HER Dating for free of cost. There is no charge applicable for opening an account here and for setting profiles. But in this case, you may only see the profile picture and name of other profiles. You will not be able to see detailed information on any profile, but unlimited texting is available.

There are three kinds of membership people may use to get advantageous features to make better choices by filtration.

The membership includes different spans of membership. Like – one month, six months, and one-year premium membership.

  • A one-month membership costs £14.99.
  • Six-month membership costs £59.99, which is £10.00 per month.
  • A one-year membership costs £89.99, which is £7.50 per month.

If you have opted for a premium membership, you will get more filters to choose queer women by categorizing sex, marital status, and other requirements. Another cool feature even if you take premium membership in one country, you can use it anywhere in the world.

Paid Membership

Website Design and Usability

The design of the HER Dating website is too captivating to hook up the people’s eye. You will get the theme of the moment to access the site. The design is simple but attractive.

Mobile Application

The mobile application of HerDating is available to download for Android, as well as the iOS platform. The app is designed beautifully. The color combinations, theme match perfectly. The app is very organized, and you can find everything easily. Even if you are a first-time user or are not technically sound, you can still operate it efficiently.

Mobile Application

Contact Information

Contact Information


Online dating has opened up numerous opportunities for people from the LGBTQ community to look for their ideal matches. Whether you are trying to find a perfect partner to accompany you in the long haul or just that one adrenaline-driven night, HER Dating offers something for everyone.

It is one of the greatest virtual platforms for lesbians to find a compatible dyke for themselves. Moreover, if you are a lesbian and planning to have polygamous relationships at a time, HER Dating will provide you a whole range of choices. It does not matter if you are single or in a relationship, you can explore your fantasy and desires here. You don’t have to feel shy or embarrassed about your sexual orientation on HER Dating.

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