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FriendFinder-X Overview

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  • All the profiles have most of the users' relevant details.
  • For more than two decades, it has been there that shows its experience in the adult dating community.
  • The service provides easy registration to the would-be members.
  • The search feature works efficiently with the help of detailed filters and sorting features.
  • FriendFinder-X offers various modes to interact and chat with your preferred members via video calls, messages, or comments.
  • It has a rating system that aids in sorting search options based on the number of likes that the profile has received.
  • The design and layout of the website are simple, and that helps in easy navigation.
  • A paid subscription is a must for doing anything more than searching and browsing other profiles on FriendFinder-X.
  • There is no such option as automated matching for members to choose for a date.
  • Even a paid member has to pay extra to watch adult videos and model chat.
  • The mobile app is not available yet.

FriendFinder-X is the website to go if you are looking to have a dating experience but not ready to commit or something. It does not matter whether you are single or not, and the website is there to accept you as its member.

Knowing whether it is worthy enough to have your time and money go through this whole FriendFinder-X review.

How Does the Service Operate?

FriendFinder-X does its best to bring two people close who want to have a casual dating experience without having any strings attached. It is not a perfect place where you can find your true love or soulmate but a place where you can date freely as per your choice and fantasies. It can give you a pleasurable dating experience irrespective of the fact that you are single or married. The website believes that it should not be a compulsion to commit to having a dating experience. It works for everyone to find a date that wants to have a fling, casual romantic chat, or a hookup.

How Does the Service Operate

What Should One Do to Get Registered on the Site?

The process of signing up takes only a few minutes. A customized form will be there to fill out some personal information. It asks for your gender, age, sexual preference, and location. FriendFinder-X asks you to choose a username for further login. An introductory paragraph about yourself is an optional field before being registered to the website. After this, a verification link is sent to the registered email for confirmation. Once the link is clicked, it redirects the user to the pricing feature.

Profile Quality

FriendFinder-X profiles are quite detailed and informative about the user if all the fields are filled correctly. They are informative enough to know the user’s interests, likes, and dislikes. One can easily choose a partner for a casual relationship by knowing this much about a person. The best feature that helps you select any profile for dating is the “Compatibility Chart” that appears on the profiles you browse before dating. It reveals whether the other member is compatible with you or not based on your and other members’ preferences. A user’s activity timeline also displays his/her profile that shows their activity about what they have uploaded.

Ways of Communication

FriendFinder-X does not offer an automatic matchmaking feature, but it can be done manually with its advanced filters and search options.

The different communication options include:

  • Messages — It is a feature to make contacts on FriendFinder-X for all the paid members. Free users are eligible only to receive messages. They can reply to those members that have paid for the Standard Contacts upgrade only.
  • Flirt — Sending a wink as a flirt is also a way to communicate for users who have paid for the Gold membership.
  • IM — The term stands for instant messages. Only the Gold members can have access to a quick messaging service.

Ways of Communication

What Does the Member Structure Look Like?

FriendFinder-X has a vast userbase among all the online dating sites worldwide. The site caters to more than 90 million users. Most of its users belong to the USA population. However, many members hail from the United Kingdom, Asian, and Middle Eastern countries. This dating site claims to have 2,500 people who log in daily.

FriendFinder-X also has some professional models as its members who are there to present some adult entertainment to other users. These members host live video chats and upload X-rated photos and videos that can be accessed fully by joining the “Fan Clubs”.

User Age Groups

Anyone who is above 18 years can choose to become a member of FriendFinder-X. The members belong to a wide age group that ranges from 18 to 55+. The age group that holds the maximum number of female members is 25-44. A large number of male members belong to people whose age is 34-54.

Sexual Orientation and Preferences

Female members are predominant on this site. 60% of its userbase are females, and only 40% are males. FriendFinder-X welcomes straight and LGBTQ singles, as well as couples.

Race and Ethnicity of Users

Being a casual dating site, it is not particular about race and ethnicity. Anyone can access FriendFinder-X for casual dating and hookup regardless of their descent.

Is the Service Religion-Specific?

This online dating site is also not religion-specific. Any adult individual belonging to any religion can become a member of this community.

Features Offered by FriendFinder-X

The website offers some special features to its users. These include:

  • Live Action — It includes the broadcast of adult videos and photos by professional models. The feature also shows the activities of verified members.
  • Blogs and Groups — It is a unique feature by FriendFinder-X that enables users to interact with other community members.
  • Hot or Not — This feature is a kind of matchmaking feature. It displays a photo of other registered members and allows you either to like it or not. There are two options, i.e., a “Thumbs Up” button that can be pressed for sending likes and the “X” button, clicking on which takes you to the next profile.
  • Magazine — This special feature provides its users some dating advice and articles on relationships. Any member can submit the latter.
  • Contests — FriendFinder-X organizes several contests that are open to all users. Members’ votes decide the results or the winners. All the members can submit their entries and win prizes like having a Gold Membership.
  • Adult Movies — This feature on FriendFinder-X allows its users to have some adult entertainment.
  • Sex Academy — As the name of this feature, it is for better learning of the FriendFinder-X’s users. It offers courses on different sex topics and how to have improved sex. It is a Gold Membership feature.
  • Erotic Stories allow all the users to submit their erotic experiences as stories that other members can also read and comment on.

Features Offered by FriendFinder-X

How Safe Is This Dating Website?

FriendFinder-X sticks to its strict privacy policy and follows industry standards to maintain security. This online dating site operates by following the US and EU privacy safety standards and moderations.

It is overall a safe-to-use dating site. However, it is still recommended in terms of online dating to go slow while sharing personal information.

All the legit users are encouraged to report any suspicious profile by tapping the “Report Abuse” button.

Is FriendFinder-X a Genuine Dating Service?

The dating service by FriendFinder-X has been there on the web for more than two decades now. The long time spent on the Internet to give its users the pleasure of casual dating proves that it is legit. However, there are some fake profiles on the site; besides that, it works great for everyone.

Subscription Plans and Their Costs

FriendFinder-X has a lot of features that can lead you to a whole new dating experience. The only thing is that you have to switch to the paid subscription to take all their benefits. You can choose to have either a Gold Membership or become a Standard Contact. Other options to use all its features include buying tokens or points.

The prices and duration of all the plans are described in detail below:

  • Duration / Credits / Coins
  • Costs
  • Total

Gold Membership

  • 1 Month
  • 40.00 USD / Month
  • 40.00 USD

  • 3 Months
  • 27.00 USD / Month
  • 81.00 USD

  • 12 Months
  • 20.00 USD / Month
  • 240.00 USD

Standard Contacts

  • 1 Month
  • 20.00 USD / Month
  • 20.00 USD

  • 3 Months
  • 12.00 USD / Month
  • 36.00 USD


  • 100 Credits
  • 0.12 USD / Credit
  • 12.00 USD

  • 185 Credits
  • 0.11 USD / Credit
  • 20.00 USD

  • 500 Credits
  • 0.10 USD / Credit
  • 50.00 USD

  • 1,000 Credits
  • 0.10 USD / Credit
  • 99.00 USD


  • 200 Credits
  • 0.02 USD / Credit
  • 3.00 USD

  • 500 Credits
  • 0.01 USD / Credit
  • 6.00 USD

  • 1,000 Credits
  • 0.01 USD / Credit
  • 10.00 USD

Subscription Plans and Their Costs

There is also an option to join live models’ Fan Clubs. One can purchase this option for 14.95 USD every month. With this plan, any user will have unlimited access to the live models’ photos and videos. The user can also join a private webcam with a discount.

FriendFinder-X allows its users with various options to make the payment. Users can pay via credit card or direct debit. The payment on the credit card statement will appear as FFNHELP.COM*FRIENDF. They also take payments in the form of cash or cheque.

Free services

FriendFinder-X also has some features that the free members can also take advantage of. These include:

  • Registration — The registration process is free of charge on FriendFinder-X.
  • Profile Creation — One can update the profile on this site without spending a single cent.
  • Blogs and Groups — The blogs that are available on FriendFinder-X can be accessed for free. Some groups can be joined for free.
  • Access to Contest Photos — The contests that FriendFinder-X organizes can be viewed, liked, and commented on by free users.
  • Likes to photos and videos — Free users can like the other members’ photographs and videos.

Free services

It is mandatory to switch to any paid membership plans to use all the features of FriendFinder-X. These include:

  • Flirts — Paid subscribers can send flirts as a wink to other members to let them know that they are interested in their profiles.
  • Friend Request — Premium members can send friend requests to anyone they like on FriendFinder-X.
  • Messages — If you are a paid subscriber, you can send and receive messages from other users.
  • Courses on Sex Academy — This feature allows paid members to learn topics like relationships and sex.
  • Customer Support — The customer team gives priority to technical issues and complaints of paid members.
  • Access to Photos and Videos — Only members who have chosen any of the premium plans can access full-size photos and videos.

First Impression of the Website and Its Usability

The layout of the website is kept simple. The navigation on the site is a piece of cake. Every feature is organized well and in place. There are five text menu tabs and four menu icons that contain all the features.

The four icons are:

  • House icon — It symbolizes the homepage.
  • Envelope — This icon contains all the messages, i.e., it serves as a user’s inbox.
  • Chat bubble — This icon is there to access instant messages.
  • Bell icon — It alerts the user of any notification that has arrived.

The text tabs include:

  • My Stuff — Here, you can find all the shortcuts that are somehow related to your profile.
  • Search — The search tab allows users to have advanced search filters. It allows one to search for matches that are currently online or are near one’s location. It has other functions like accessing one’s new matches, kink search filters, and the Hot or Not feature.
  • Community — This tab helps you get involved in any of the FriendFinder-X’s groups.
  • What’s Hot — This tab of FriendFinder-X enables you to explore the hottest video or photo that has been recently uploaded to the website.
  • Live Action — It is there to access professional models’ broadcasts.
  • With such easy and instantly approachable features, this online dating site is well-maintained.

First Impression of the Website and Its Usability

Does the Website Offer a Mobile Application?

FriendFinder-X does not offer a mobile application yet. However, a mobile-optimized site is there to use. It has all the features similar to the desktop version. The mobile-optimized version is a better and more preferred option for most users.

Does the Website Offer a Mobile Application

Contact Details

  • Company: Various, Inc./FriendFinder Networks
  • Address: 910 E. Hamilton Ave. Suite 600, Campbell, CA. 95008
  • Phone: 888-575-8383
  • Email: N/A

Closing Remarks

All in all, FriendFinder-X is worthy enough to try if you are interested in casual hookups and dating. Having a large member base, it is a site that is open to all and works for everyone regardless of their age, gender, and sexual preferences. The only issue with this site is that the paid subscription must make the most out of it.

The site is intended for people to fulfill their fantasies and sexual desires. It serves its purpose well, and most users are satisfied with all the features and services that it offers.

With easy and free-of-charge signup, one can browse the site for a while and later decide whether to buy the subscription or not.

In summary, FriendFinder-X is worthy enough to try something “out of the box” in terms of online dating.

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