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SilverSingles was launched in 2002. It has remained one of the most trusted online dating sites among seniors. Over the years, it has helped many find the love they were looking for. The site’s friendly and safe set up has earned it a good reputation and is rated 4.5 out of 5. The site is made especially for seniors over 50 and does not allow anyone under 50 to join the site.

The strict security system allows its users to have their search without any tension of fake or scam profiles.


SilverSingles Overview

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  • The site uses a personality test to get an insight into the users' character and give a detailed overview of the user's personality and preferences
  • The personality test results are used to find matches, and therefore it is based on real compatibility and not simply based on interest
  • The site's design is simple and user friendly, making it easier for the users to navigate the site and find interesting profiles
  • The site has a strict security system that verifies every profile during signing up, and therefore chances for fake or scam profiles are comparatively lesser
  • Only paid members to have access to features such as sending messages and viewing images
  • Users cannot go out and search for matches independently. The site provides matches daily, and the users can only see those profiles
  • The initial questionnaire has a lot of questions making it a little tedious

How does It Work?

The site is one for the senior members who are in search of love. As the site is made exclusively for them, most users are out there searching for serious relationships and not time pass. Almost all the members are well educated and professionals in different fields, making the site more authentic.

The site has almost 100,000 members from the USA alone, and it is said that the site gets about 5,000 new logins each day. Unlike all other dating websites, it is women who use the site more than men. 55% of the total number of users are women, and the remaining 45% are men. The site is also available in 20 countries.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Sign-Up & Login Process

Registering to SilverSingles is free, but the process is long and can take up to 20 minutes to get completed. The personality test that the site offers is one unique quality, and it serves to provide insight into the users’ personalities and preferences. The people who sign up are made to answer about 100 multiple choice questions, and none can be skipped. The answers given to each question are analyzed, and the result is used in matchmaking. The questionnaire is elaborate and includes questions about one’s traits, character, outlook, habits, etc.

Once the personality test is completed, the users can add photos to their profile and answer another set 7 questions. These questions are to be filled out by the users themselves, and it will get displayed on the profile. When the whole process is completed, the users are taken to the billing page. The members of the site can skip it if they are not planning to have a paid account.

Profile Interface

The site uses the user’s details and the results of the personality test to make matches for them. As all the members have to go through the test before creating the profile, the site has a detailed overview of all its users’ personalities, preferences, and character and, therefore, can find people with the same mentality and preferences in a comparatively easier manner. Real compatibility is what the site looks for rather than just interest; therefore, the matches they provide are more trustworthy than what offered by other dating sites.


Unlike all other dating sites, it is the site itself that provides the matches here. The users cannot go and search on their own for matches. The site shows prospective matches daily, and the users can check those profiles. The matches are shown in the search results of the users. The users can make changes in the search results by adjusting the search filters. Location preferences, height, age, similarities, etc. can be adjusted to narrow down the search results or make the matches more specific.

Only premium members can send messages and view the photos of their matches. Free members can simply take a look at the profiles and let the other user know their interest by sending ‘smiles.’ Message notifications are sent via emails and phone notifications to premium members, and they can turn this off whenever they want.

Members Structure and Activities

Members Structure and Activities

SilverSingles have most of their users from the USA. About 100,000 people use it from the USA alone. Women us the site more than men, and they make up 55% of the total number of users. People who come there in search of prospective matches are usually people who are divorced or widowed and want to give a second chance to their hearts. Unlike all the popular dating websites, this site is meant for real relationships and not casual encounters.

The site profiles provide a substantial amount of information about the users, and all the users can read through the information given on others’ profiles. But only the premium members can see profile pictures and send messages. The answers given to the final set of 7 questions are displayed on the profile, and it is about what makes users happy and what are his/her likes. Thus, it truly shows the nature of the user.

Users Age

As already mentioned, the site has people above the age of 50 looking for their partners. Most of these people have a university degree or are professionals in different fields. The site may sometimes allow people below the age of 50 to make an account, but in such cases, they might be people looking for matches above the age of 50.

Sexual Preferences

SilverSingles asks for the sexual orientation and preferences of the users from the very time of registration itself. The questionnaire includes many questions that need to be answered, giving a clear insight into what the user wants. It is to determine whether the users are interested in men or women and find the perfect match for the user.

Race and Ethnicity

Just like the sexual orientation and preferences, the site asks for religious orientation and preferences too. It also goes into providing the best possible matches available on the site.

Religious Orientation

Like all other cases, religious preference is also a mandatory fill in the questionnaire provided by the site during registration and sign-up. The details given will not be revealed by the site but will be used for matchmaking to get the match according to what they prefer.

SilverSingles Dating Website Features

SilverSingles Dating Website Features

The site has many features that make it different from all the dating websites available online. Some of them are:

  • The personality test itself is the greatest positive feature of the site. This feature makes the site different from all its competitors.
  • The fact that the site is meant for users above the age of 50 also makes it different. All other dating websites are meant for youngsters searching for a fun time or simple dating rather than serious relationships. But SilverSingles is all about the people who are seniors wanting to give their hearts a chance for love.
  • The signing-up process takes a lot of thought and time and, therefore, offers a trustworthy insight into the users’ personalities and characters.
  • The site itself provides daily matches. It gives five matches a day.
  • The site has a mobile app version of itself.
  • ‘smiles’ can be sent by members using a free membership even though they can’t send messages.
  • The users can comment on the profile and profile photos of other users.
Safety & Security

Safety & Security

The site offers a strict security system. It verifies every account during registration and looks for fake and scam profiles to ensure that the users get a secure space to search for their soulmates. By registering all its users automatically, give the site consent to automatically collect and store their information. The personal information collected by the site is processed and used for future purposes and matchmaking. Any illegal or unauthorized uses of the website are noted, and appropriate legal action is taken against the user guilty.

SilverSingles values its users’ privacy and has given a detailed privacy policy for its users to take a look. The site works only according to this policy, and it is available on the official website.

Is SilverSingles Legit or Scam Service?

For sure, it is a legitimate platform for all those users who are in search of their partners. The strong security system and immediate actions against fake or scam profiles make the site unique and legit to a very high extend. If it were not legitimate and trustworthy, it wouldn’t have got 5000 new members daily, and people wouldn’t have spared their time for the registration process.

Subscription Types and Price

As compared to other sites, SilverSingles has an affordable price range. The site offers only one type of membership, and it is the premium membership. The membership can be taken for a month, for three months, or six months. The payment can be made either through PayPal or by using a Credit card.

The costs are:

  • 54.95USD for a month
  • 113.85USD for three months
  • 167.90USD for six months

Free Membership

Free users of the site get access to more features in SilverSingles than any other dating site. They also have to go through the questionnaire before making a profile and can’t skip any questions. It is only after answering all the questions that they can stay as a free member or subscribe. All the members get the match suggestion and can view others’ profiles. All the information provided in a profile is accessible to free users, but they can’t see the profile photos. They can’t send messages but can send ‘smiles’ to let other users know that they are interested.

The main feature that a paid member gets compared to free users is that they can send messages to anyone they want and view others’ profile pictures. They can see the people who visited their profiles and can also see whether the messages they have sent has been viewed or not. They also get extra 20 wild card matches per day other than the normal matches shown.

Website Design and Usability

Website Design and Usability

The website is user-friendly as it understands the difficulties that older people may face while going through the site. The simple profile structure makes it easy for users to navigate through and find profiles.

Mobile Application

SilverSingles are available as a mobile app making it handy for the users. All the services available on the website are available on the mobile app too. The users can now find their soulmates on the go. The app is available on both Android phones and iPhones, and users can download it for free. The registration process can also be done using the app. The app is rated 4 out of 5.

Contact information

Contact information

Company: Spark networks

Address: SilverSingles customer care, Spark Networks, 3300n. Ashton Blvd, Suite 240 Lehi, UT 84043

Phone: +493 099 194 9532

Email: [email protected]



The site’s special features and the affordable packages make SilverSingles the best option for all older people who want to give their hearts a second chance or want to find the love they never found before. The site is definitely worth giving a try if you are one above the age of 50 and searching for a match.

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