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Koko app is a bright up-to-date service for single people looking for their sweethearts.
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Koko app Overview

Koko app
Koko app
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Koko app
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  • The platform is available for persons from all countries.
  • According to users’ testimonials, fake accounts are not common.
  • A visitor is free to get an account within a minute.
  • Most information is optional; therefore, users are available to skip those steps.
  • Standard users are free to communicate with other subscribers.
  • Detailed profiles are accessible, but members decide on their own which information to include.
  • The premium subscription is required to feel no limits while browsing the service.
  • Such an application has no web version, being mostly oriented to young on-the-go audiences.

How does it work?

The Koko app is among the most user-friendly services. The platform is all about finding you a person who corresponds to your interests and views. Aside from traditional profile fields and search filters, some unique options make such a service exclusive. The platform’s algorithm is entirely straightforward. Get on the application, open an account, and start communicating with members you are interested in. Further communication is possible in case of mutual interests. Such a principle moves not-corresponding persons aside.

How does it work?

Sign-Up & Login Process

Foremost, you need to download the Koko app to your mobile device. Find the application through the App Store or Google Play. Moreover, users are accessible to follow the download links placed on the official website. Take the following steps:

  • Press on the ‘Create account’ button.
  • Specify your gender.
  • Select whom you are looking for.
  • Enter your username starting from 3 characters.
  • Choose the preferred way of registration (email, Google account, and Facebook profile are possible).
  • Inscribe your email and create a password for logging into the system.
  • Select your date of birth.
  • Click on ‘Publish.’
  • Agree with ‘Terms and Conditions’ and ‘Privacy Policy.’

The service takes care of members, indicating that the team understands visitors are busy but assures the whole registration process is about a minute. Such a statement corresponds to the truth.

Sign-Up and Login Process

Profile interface

The registration process requires just some basic info, but users are free to edit their profiles. The statistics show subscribers wish to know more about their potential matches. Let others know more about your personality, interests, views, etc. The following sections are available:

  1. ‘About me’ details. Specify your height, body type, smoking habits, location, and activity. The system suggests selecting your dating goals.
  2. Hashtags. Choose hashtags that describe your personality the most. Have fun while thinking which ones to select among ‘HeyyyyMacarena,’ ‘practically perfect,’ ‘GrammarPolice,’ and many others.
  3. Interview. Answer a range of questions specially picked to let other members understand you much better. The interview includes five questions about your values, body, etc.
  4. Add photos to catch the members’ attention. Blind profiles are not popular among users.

Note that most fields are optional; moreover, you are free to edit your profile without limits. The system wishes every member to find the perfect match corresponding to the goals entirely.


The Koko app offers diverse search filters to set. The basic match algorithms include:

  • Gender of a person you are looking for.
  • Your dating goals. Many people open an account to make new friends, for instance.
  • Age. Move the scroll boxes to define the preferred age group a person should belong to.
  • Body shape. Pick up as many variants as you wish.
  • Location. There are available people nearby or from other cities.
  • Distance from your location. Specify the maximal distance from the chosen location (from 20 to 500 km).

Furthermore, premium members are accessible to specify personality filters to find a like-minded person. Aside from basic and advanced match algorithms, you may sort profiles by last login and nearest distance.

The system picks up members who entirely correspond to the chosen filters. Start seeking for new friends or your sweetheart.

Members structure and activities

Members structure and activities

The entire Koko app community is more than a million users, while about 15 000 subscribers are online daily. The platform is widespread enough, attracting new members. Diverse dating options are effectively combined with fun and entertainment; therefore, such a service is more oriented to the younger audience.

Users age

Young members mostly join the service. As referred to the gender differentiation, male (54%) and female (46%) profiles are almost equal. The registered women belong to the following age groups:

  • under 25 years: 29.1%;
  • 25 – 35 years: 38.6%;
  • 35 – 45 years: 21.8%;
  • 45 – 55 years: 8.3%;
  • 55+ years: 2.2%.

Mature men are known to join the community more frequently than mature men. Male profiles are distributed along with the following age groups:

  • under 25 years: 18.4%;
  • 25 – 35 years: 31.7%;
  • 35 – 45 years: 27.4%;
  • 45 – 55 years: 13.9%;
  • 55+ years: 8.6%.

The Koko app terms and conditions contain the information that persons under 18 are not allowed to create an account, as the platform respects the legislative norms and acts in correspondence with those regulations. When a person under 18 joins the community, selecting the incorrect date of birth, the team detects and bans such profiles.

Sexual preferences

While starting your membership on a platform, the system requires to indicate gender and sexual preferences; meanwhile, there are no specifications or restrictions as concerned with sexual orientation. All members are welcome to the community. Moreover, sexual preferences are among the search filters.

Note that many people are looking for friends on the platform; therefore, confusing may happen. For instance, a girl is looking for girls, but her dating goal is to make new friends. View dating goals foremost to understand whether your preferences are mutual or not.

Race and Ethnicity

The Koko app welcomes representatives of all countries and continents. Ethnicity is not among your profile fields. Your photo is expected to show your race better. Furthermore, members are not accessible to specify preferred ethnicities among the match filters. While speaking about the geographical distribution of the platform audience, the following countries are represented by the largest number of subscribers: USA (29.12%), Canada (15.31%), UK (9.83%), Germany (6.17%), Hong Kong (4.22%).

Religious Orientation

The same concerns religious orientation: the Koko app invites members no matter what their religion is. The religious orientation is not mentioned among both profile fields and match filters. Meanwhile, there is a quiz connected with a person’s attitude towards religion.

Koko app dating website features

Koko app dating website features

When you’ve set your searching preferences, commence to browsing the members’ profiles. Click on the ‘heart’ to like a person. Press on his or her picture to access more options. There are to icons available: full profile information and messaging. Swipe right and left to view more photos of a person (in case those are uploaded).

As for the unique features, voting and quiz are available that make searching mixed with fun. Vote for a person, choosing among the three options: cold, hot, and lovely. Quizzes are joyful; therefore, members consider those features among the top-rated ones. Select the preferred category among the following ones: ‘Style,’ ‘Love life,’ ‘Attitude,’ and ‘Brains.’ Choose a quiz you prefer to complete and let the fun begin. Answer the questions to understand what kind of personality you are. In the end, the system offers you like-minded persons, based on quiz results.

Both free and premium members are free to send an invitation message, but further communication is possible in case of mutual votes. Members are free to attach photos to their messages (except for the invitation ones).

Safety and Security

Safety & Security

The system collects information about a user to offer the best matching settings. The information is not transferred to third parties. Furthermore, the Koko app makes no publications on Facebook (if a profile is used for the registration) and shows no contact information to other members. Photos and locations are optional, as the platform respects a member’s anonymity. Real names are not required as well.

Note that opening an account means agreement with privacy policy and cookie guidelines. The system accentuates that all actions are legal, being oriented to providing every member with the best service. Read all directives thoroughly to avoid any misunderstanding.

Standard members’ profiles are available to all users, while premium subscribers are granted by the right to select who can see their profiles. Members are supposed to have no questions, as the platform rights and requirements are straightforward. Meanwhile, customer support is Is ### Koko app legit or scam service?

Users appreciate the platform, considering it as an entirely legal service. On the other hand, scammers may easily enter the platform because no verification is required. The team bans suspicious accounts and reacts to users’ complaints immediately.

Furthermore, subscribers themselves are welcome to clean the platform off scammers and catfishes. Tap a person’s photo and click on the upper right-hand corner to open the following features:

  • Block a user. Such an option can be applied for any reason. You are just about to add a person to your blacklist.
  • Report a picture. When an uploaded photo violates the rules indicated by the service, inform the Koko app team.
  • Report profile. Select one of the following reasons: the fake profile, offensive pictures, or pushy user.
Subscription types and price

Subscription types and price

On the one hand, the Koko app is considered as a free service, as users are accessible to commence a contact and apply different communication features. On the other hand, the premium membership opens wider horizons, making the service even more functional. Users are accessible to purchase the premium subscription for 1,3 or 12 months. Aside from the premium membership, there are some add-ons: credits and a top list feature. Prices for premium options are quite modest:

Premium membership plan Price for 1 month/1 credit Total price
1-month premium subscription $16.99 $16.99
3-months premium subscription $7.33 $21.99
1-year premium subscription $8.99 $107.88
50 credits $0.02 $0.99
125 credits $0.016 $1.99
300 credits $0.013 $3.99
1000 credits $0.011 $10.99
Top list position $1.99 $1.99

As referred to the payment options, the following methods are available: banking cards or mobile phones. Select the preferred option and fill in the necessary payment information to confirm the purchase. Such service implies auto-renewal; therefore, you need to cancel the subscription manually, if necessary.

Free membership

Standard members are empowered with the following features:

  • completing a profile;
  • uploading photos;
  • setting basic search filters;
  • viewing a person’s profile info;
  • viewing full-size photos;
  • liking a profile;
  • answering quiz questions;
  • voting members (some limitations are implied);
  • sending invitation messages (one message per day is available for free);
  • communicating with a member in case of mutual matches;
  • attaching photos to your messages;
  • contacting customer support.

Thus, the list of free options is quite extended, and standard members cannot call the Koko app limited from the viewpoint of functionality.

Paid membership

The premium subscription plan provides a user with access to the following options:

  • Apply advanced match filters that help to find the best match corresponding to your views and values.
  • View who’s voted and visited your profile. When your sympathy is mutual, don’t waste time!
  • Send invitation messages without daily limitations.
  • Use the platform without advantages.
  • Specify to whom do you wish to display your profile.

The top list add-on is suitable for visitors who’ve got used to being on the top. Purchase the service and find yourself among the first search results displayed for other members. Such an ability increases your chances of meeting your sweetheart or making new friends.

Website design and usability

Website design and usability

The Koko app has the official website, but don’t confuse it with a web version. Persons are accessible to join the community through mobile applications only downloaded on your smartphone. The website performs the function of informational support.

Visit the website to get links for an application download. Furthermore, get more information about the service, its principal goals, terms and conditions, privacy policy, etc. Such information is contained in the footer. Members are accessible to switch on the preferred language among the ten options. The app is somehow correlated with fun; therefore, a member can watch an exciting introductory video.

Mobile application

Download the Koko app to your Android or iOS devices to enter the world of dates and exciting meetings. Foremost, check the system requirements.

The app is compatible with all devices operated by the iOS of the 10.0 version or later. You need to have 193.2 MB of free storage space on your mobile device. Subscribers rate the app at 4.4 stars – the ranking is quite high in comparison with other dating platforms. Users may select their spoken language among the 10 available options.

While speaking about the application launched for Android devices, it requires at least 4.4 version of the system and 20.7 MB of free storage space. The Android-based application is rated at 3.8 by the subscribers.

Applications are designed in bright attention-catching colors oriented to the young audience. Red and orange tones are mixed with the black one, creating the perfect contrast. Members’ photos are mostly of high quality.

As referred to the application functionality, all features are at their fingertips, convenient for representatives of all age groups. Click on your thumbnail photo placed in the upper left-hand corner to edit your profile and change account settings. The upper right-hand corner contains search filters.

The lower menu contains the following features:

  1. Tribe. Select the preferred members to commence communication.
  2. Quiz. Answer questions, and have fun.
  3. Activity. View who’s visited or voted on your profile.
  4. Vote the chosen members.
  5. Messaging. Get quick access to your chatroom.

Aside from the mobile applications, the Koko app has official pages on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other social networks, where the information about updates and useful tips is published.

Contact information

Contact information

Members are accessible to contact the support anytime they wish. Visit the official website and read frequently asked questions. Those solve many problems. If you’ve found no answer, use one of the available ways to contact customer support:

  • Fill in the contact form, selecting the category, and describe your problem in detail. The team answers as soon as possible.
  • Visit the Koko app-office located in Hong-Kong (Room 604, Alliance Building, 133 Connaught Road, Central).


The platform is designed for the young audience, attracting members from different countries. No matter what is your goal (casual dates, long-term relations, or just friendship), the service is useful. Bright design, mixed with diverse functionality, makes the app stylish and corresponding to modern trends. All features are at fingertips.

Some features are exclusive. For instance, members are free to vote for other subscribers, considering them as ‘cold,’ ‘hot,’ or ‘lovely.’ Quiz questions combine efficiency and fun. The platform finds like-minded people, counting your mutual correspondence in percent.

The registration process takes a minute, requiring no verification. Scammers join the community, but both the team and members take enough measures to ban those accounts immediately. The Koko app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, keeping on-the-go subscribers always online.

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