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Mingle2 Overview

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  • Mingle2 is a completely free online dating platform.
  • It is a user-friendly site as the registration process is quite simple and easy. It takes as little as 30 seconds without going through any tiresome steps and different personality tests.
  • Also, this site allows having access to only completed profiles that are displayed in the search results.
  • This dating site allows users to set up the matches' requirements to connect them, meaning only people of a specific gender and age can interact with them.
  • This platform is an active message forum wherein users can receive more than six million messages.
  • There is no help section available for the users if they get stuck while creating their profile on this dating site or communicating with the other person.
  • Various innumerable advertisements are displayed, which divert the user from the site's content and redirect them off from the dating site page.
  • This dating site tends to give more weight on the profile pictures whereas providing minimal profile information about the user.
  • This dating site's search option does not show much information as it would be nice if this dating site would show the last time when the member was active.
  • Only limited user profile information is captured, which makes it hard for other users to determine if that particular user is a perfect match.
  • There is no such option of video chat available on this dating site, i.e., Mingle2.

How does it work?

Mingle2 majorly persuades the users to match with another person mutually; however, there are several search options available for the user. From any profile, an individual can send an email, also add the profile of a particular user to their favorites list, which enables the user to add a profile to their friends’ list and also allows a user for the request to be matched with said user, or “nudge” them.

Sign-Up & Login Process

This dating site has a 30-second signup process in which users have to provide basic information such as email address, date of birth, sexual orientation and sexual orientation seeking (man or women as options for both), and location. After clicking on the signup, this site creates a username and password for the user and gives them an option to upload the user’s photo. The user can do registration through their email address or a Facebook account.

After filling in all the details, users are directed to the homepage, wherein they have to enter more detailed profile information related to their lifestyle. It also allows the user to provide relevant details such as height, body type, marital status, current children, drinking, and smoking habits.

For logging in to Mingle2, it requires only the username and password combination, or the email address which a user has used while signing up and the password associated with the account. It’s quite a simple process.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Profile interface

The profile interface of this dating site i.e., Mingle2, has the best design and interface. Overall the site looks quite normal. The main page of this dating site is pretty minimalistic. Still, once the user registers on this site, everything automatically gets changes that allow the user to log in to the site. This dating site’s platform provides variant services to a particular user, which will initially be very difficult for the new user to understand how the entire system of this site works. This site provides the user a lot of sections, but eventually, in the starting, a user will find it difficult to navigate. Later on, once they become familiar with all the elements, it is very easy for an individual to browse through this dating site.


This dating site allows a user to search for matches and communicate with anyone for free. It allows an individual to send an automated message to those members in which they are interested. It facilitates the user to select from the message type such as Nudge, Kiss, Hug, Kick, and Wink. Moreover, this dating site allows individuals to text chat with other online members. The best way to use this site is by using the manual search option or using the special feature, which is quite simple but a fun way to interact with other users who are mutually interested in each other.

Members structure and activities

It has been stated that there are approximately 12 million members worldwide, and the number of American users of this dating site is around 150,000. Every week, around 60000 members remain active on this dating site. It has been observed that male members always rule over the entire dating site compared to female ones, so this dating site has around 60% male members, whereas there are only 40% female members.

Members structure and activities

Users age

The user who wants to create their profile on this dating site must be above 18 years old.

Sexual preferences

Any user belonging to any community can join this dating site. Moreover, Mingle2 encourages straight and gay singles to sign up on this site.

Race and Ethnicity

Members belonging to any caste and creed can register themselves on this dating site and communicate with their matches.

Religious Orientation

Regarding the Mingle2, irrespective of any religion, whether an individual is a Buddhist, Christian, or LDS dating inside or outside, this dating site allows an individual to register.

Religious Orientation

Mingle2 dating website features

The main features of this dating website are listed below:

1) This dating site work for those people who are looking for something a little less serious. Once a user register on this site, it facilitates that particular user to search for the people based on age, gender, looks, interests, hobbies, and location.

2) Mingle2 offers a matching feature to those users whose profile is very basic, and the information provided by them also doesn’t seem to be the correct one. It enables the users to find out a good match for them by only replying yes, no, or maybe to other profiles to narrow down the potential matches with whom the user can then flirt later on.

3) This dating site’s best feature is the community forums, places for different users to meet and share advice and information regarding dating. It has been observed that the majority of people on the community forums are relatively from the US.

4) The mutual match of this dating site works as a basic matching system that enables users to present themselves with random profile recommendations.

Safety & Security

Regarding the safety and security of the personal information about all the users who have registered themselves on this site have to agree to the terms and condition specifically mentioned by Mingle2, which are listed below:

1) Do not use any offensive language on the site while chatting with others, which can hurt anybody otherwise. The account will get violated, which may result in the banning of the account without any warning.

2) This dating site allows a user not to have multiple profiles on the site; otherwise, the account of that particular user will be banned.

3) It also facilitates a user to feel free to report any abusive post even if that particular user is unsure if it has violates the forum rules. Then the creator will review the profile and conclude that whether a rule has been broken.

4) Even a user in the future wants to make amendments in the profile details provided by them then, they can go ahead and contact the team of Mingle2 for the same.

5) Mingle2 believes in protecting everyone who registered on this dating site as all the information provided by the user will be kept confidential and will not be shared with any third party without the user’s consent.

6) Users who repeatedly post multiple or inappropriate topics in the wrong forum can lose their posting privileges.

Mingle2 dating website features

Is Mingle2 legit or scam service?

It is a scam service as it has been review and analyze that most of the users are not genuine and are international members.

Subscription types and price

It has been observed that this dating site allows the user to use this site free or by taking the subscription. This site provides premium membership options to the various user known as MinglePlus that allows a particular user to use the various features that allow them to raise their profile ranking. To obtain the subscription for three months, a user has to pay $9.95 per month (Rs 745.52), which means $29.85 (Rs 2236.55), for six months it is available for a total of $47.70 (Rs 3573.98), around $7.95 per month (Rs 595.66) and $71.40 (Rs 5349.73) for 12 months which means $5.95 per month (Rs 445.81).

Free membership

All those users who have created their profile free of cost on this dating site get an option to avail of the services listed below:

1) User can create a profile free of cost

2) Mingle2 site allows the user to show their testimonials written by other user and friend list on their profile

3) Every user gets the option of unlimited searching of various profiles, and even it facilitates them to view other member’s profiles and photos also.

4) It enables the user to check who has viewed their profile.

5) Those users who have created their profile free of cost can add friends, participate in various forums, and send nudges or kisses, hugs, winks, and even kicks in the butt.

6) Free members can also send and receive messages to other profiles also.

7) It facilitates free members to send instant messaging.

Free membership

Below listed are the services provided to the members who have taken the subscription:

1) It allows various users who have taken the subscription to check who has liked them on mutual matches.

2) This dating site also provides the benefit to the user to check other profiles while remaining invisible.

3) Users can also see if their messages have been read or not.

4) Those users who have taken the subscription can also store the messages forever.

Website design and usability

The website design of this dating site Mingle2 is based on what one feels to be true even without conscious reasoning, enabling a user to quickly and easily find the contacts and mingle with other people. This dating site is simply a way of efficiently connecting with those interested in dating and looking for new connections. This website’s design is quite unoriginal, as it has been seen that the design has been taken from a simple default website template.

Mobile application

Yes, it does have a mobile application also. The mobile app of this dating site provides most of the same services as the website does. The interface of the mobile app is an updated and modern version in comparison to the website. Regarding the mobile app, it is very simple and user-friendly. However, it still has many advertisements. Also, the mobile app is easier to browse in comparison to the web site. However, the pages of the mobile app take much time while loading.

Mobile application

Contact information

Company: NextC LLC

Address: Sansome Street 350, Suite-925, California 94105 United States

Phone: (415) 373-4066

EmailEmail: [email protected]


It has been concluded that this dating site, Mingle2, operated by the Minglenet, had remained quite popular for a longer period when it got launched in the market. Still, now the value of this dating site has no longer remained famous among the various people compared to the other dating site as it is now fully scattered with the advertisement, which makes it quite difficult for a particular user to navigate through the pages. As also, the quality of the people who have registered on this dating site appeared to be fake and remain inactive throughout the time. Also, it has been observed that no management action has been taken if anybody reports about the scammer profile, which in turn results in the increase of scamming on this dating site. It has been highly recommended that all those users who are not looking for long-term relationships must register themselves on this dating site. Overall, this dating site has a very minimal profile. It has been seen that many users have reported that the various members use celebrities’ photos to create their profile. Also, various ads that are shown on this dating site sometimes mistakenly take the other user to a different website, which creates a hassle task for them. This dating site never checks or verifies any member profile whosoever creates their profile through any type of profile testing.

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