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BeNaughty is a casual dating website where you can look for casual sex and hookups. BeNaughty cuts the crap to straightaway offer you with the partner of your choice. This review will take you through every aspect of the platform, and you can decide whether it is worth your time.


BeNaughty Overview

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  • Flirtcast allows you to contact many members at the same time.
  • It has a growing membership base, with more than 40,000 members joining every week.
  • There is an app for BeNaughty that is compatible with Android devices.
  • The profile picture of other members can be seen even by free users.
  • The site does use any verified matching algorithm to suggest the profile of members to other members.
  • The live notifications become a bit of a distraction.
  • The ads on the site are very irritating and similar to the dating site itself.
  • The columns of profile setup are not mandatory to fill, and most users have an empty profile.

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work

BeNaughty is useful because it has a simple and straightforward method of connecting with members. People are tired of being in a committed relationship and look for some no strings attached sex. However, finding a partner to fulfill your sexual urges locally may go down as a big failure. That is why you require this platform. You can interact with your matches and take matters forward for casual dating or sex. BeNaughty claims to provide fast results through its simple yet effective platform.

Sign-Up And Login Process

Sign-Up And Login Process

The platform has a straightforward registration process, which will hardly take any time. As soon as you enter the platform, you will find the sign-up form on the homepage itself. You have to provide some necessary details about yourself for creating an account with the platform. You have to provide your gender and gender preference. This is followed by your age, email ID, and your Pin Code on BeNaughty. Once you provide all the information and proceed, you will become a member of the platform. Dating platforms usually have the option of using your Facebook account for registration. However, there is no such provision in this platform as the process is already very simple and straightforward.

Profile Interface

Once you are done with the registration, you have to activate your account through the email ID you gave during registration. BeNaughty will send an email to the email ID, and you have to verify your account using that mail. You cannot proceed ahead without checking your account. Once the verification is done, you have to go through a photo test for which you ought to give one of your original pictures.

The platform takes the picture and matches it with every other ID on the platform to check if it has been used elsewhere. BeNaughty asks you several questions regarding your sexual orientation, ethnic group, physical appearance, and much more during the setting up of your profile. However, you do have the option of skipping these columns and straightaway go to finding matches. Many users don’t bother to fill their profiles and so other members can’t make out much about these members. Moreover, this shows that the platform has a considerable amount of fake profiles.

Communication And Matches

There are many methods through which you can find and contact other members in BeNaughty. The most basic way to find members is to use the search option of the platform. You can search for matches based on many filters like marital status, ethnicity, sexual orientation, education, income, religion, etc. All the screens are available to free users, ensuring that everyone finds a perfect match on the platform. You can like the profile of members you are interested in or send a wink to get their attention. The site has a roulette-type game, where you get the profile cards of other members, and you can decide if you find him/her as cute or not. You can chat with the members personally, or it also has chatrooms for group discussion. Members also can add other members into their Favourites list to keep a tab of the members they are interested in.

Members Structure And Activities

Members Structure And Activities

BeNaughty does not disclose the total number of members on the platform. However, it enjoys a lot of traffic. Most activity on the website takes place through messaging. Even though married people can be part of the platform, you cannot enter it as a couple. The number of male members to female members in the platform is 60 percent is to 40 members. More than 1,20,000 members are active on the website in a week. Majority of the members of the site are from the US, with almost 500,000 coming from there. The female members of BeNaughty participate more actively in the platform. Any person above the age of 18 can register themselves with the platform for casual sexual encounters.

Users Age

The platform is filled with a young and energetic population that is ready to mingle anytime. Nearly thirty-five percent of the total members belong to the age bracket of 25-34. It is followed by the age group of 18-24 that takes up 25 percent of the full members in BeNaughty. Twenty percent of the total members come from the age group of 35-44. The remaining 20 percent comprises of people above the age of 45.

Sexual Preferences

The site is open for gays, lesbians, and bisexuals. The sexual orientation of a person is asked at the time of registration. You can even look for your preferred sex using the filter in the search option.

Race And Ethnicity

BeNaughty does ask their members about their ethnic group, but you can choose not to fill it while setting up the profile. People can also look for people of a particular ethnic group through the search filter. However, it is not a way to discriminate or downgrade any specific race. The platform does not put down any particular race or ethnic group.

Religious Orientation

The platform allows its members to look for people originating from a specific religion. BeNaughty recognizes all religions and has provided even for atheist and agnostic people. You also have to mention your religion in your profile, even though it is not mandatory.

BeNaughty Dating Website Features

BeNaughty Dating Website Features

There are many features that the platform is known for. These features define it, and people join it, especially for these features. The features are:

  • Promote My Account

This is just a feature to keep your account in prominence. It allows you to send winks and promotional messages to other members of BeNaughty.

  • Full Safe Mode

The Full Safe Mode is a feature that provides more privacy and safety to the members. With this feature, you will only receive messages from the verified profiles. It helps you to tackle the fake profiles on the website.

  • Basic Safe Mode

This safe mode is one step below the full safe way. You can use this feature to block those members who have been reported for bad or suspicious behavior.

  • Flirtcast

Flirtcast is a feature in BeNaughty, which allows you to contact multiple members at the same time. It cuts the time taken to message each member personally and enables you to reach various members.

  • Cute Or Not

Cute or Not is the platform’s swiping system, which is also a popular feature on other dating platforms. You get profiles of other members, and you say whether you find the person cute or not. If two people mark cute for each other, then the two become a match on BeNaughty.

Safety And Security

Safety And Security

The site has a stringent policy when it comes to the safety of the users. Every member has to verify his/her account using the confirmation link sent on their email provided at registration. Moreover, every member also has to upload one photo and get it verified from the website. No two profiles can have the same photo, and it is an effective method in removing multiple accounts of the same person. GeoTrust provides the security of BeNaughty. It tells in its policy that it has a modern and effective anti-fraud system. The site provides its members with the provision of reporting and blocking accounts are not fit for interaction.

Is BeNaughty Legit Or Scam Service?

The platform has been successful in earning a name for itself in the casual online dating world. It has many users who have interacted with others and made casual sexual encounters and hookups through BeNaughty. The safety and security of the members have been given a lot of importance. A fake website would never take the effort taken by this platform to provide its members with a safe and secure experience. The fact that it is a subsidiary of a company like Together Network is enough to answer the doubts regarding how good the platform is. It is very safe to conclude that BeNaughty is a cent percent genuine platform for casual dating and hookups.

Subscription Types And Price

Subscription Types And Price

The platform does not provide all its features to the free members. Some of the exclusive features are locked for the paid members. You can pay for the full membership using your credit card. The full membership has different prices as per the time for which you want it. You can avail of the full membership of BeNaughty from one day to a maximum of 3 months. The cost reduces as you increase the duration. You can avail the full membership for a day at just $0.99. Interestingly, the you get the full membership for a week for $1. The price goes up to $28.80 for a month. For three months, the cost extends to $48.60.

Free Membership

The free members have limited features of BeNaughty at their disposal. These features are:

  • You can wink other members as a free user.
  • Female members can message other members for free.
  • You can add members to your Favourites list without a paid membership.
  • You can see the list of members who are online at any given point in a day.
  • You can also see the new members who are new to BeNaughty.

The paid members get every feature of the platform as they pay a fee for it. These features are:

  • The male members get access to the messaging feature of the platform.
  • You can view the photo album of all members.
  • You can send photos and videos while chatting with other members.
  • You get to know the location of other members.
Website Design And Usability

Website Design And Usability

The design of the website is excellent. You immediately feel like becoming a part of BeNaughty when you see the website’s modern and aesthetic design. The design also looks good because of its simplicity and how the layout of the website complements it. The website’s layout has been kept straightforward to make it easy for the members to navigate through the website. Therefore, the usability of the website is also straightforward. The elements used are simple, and the site loads very fast. BeNaughty has a responsive website that is compatible with all smartphones and tablets.

Mobile Application

The platform has an app for wider accessibility. However, the app is currently available only on Android and is yet to release in the App Store. The app has every small detail of the website, including the games. The design of the app looks modern and premium. The app works very fast and allows the BeNaughty members to connect on the go. The usability of the app is simpler than the website.

Contact Information

Contact Information

Company: Together Network Limited

Address: 19 Giovanni Curmi Str., Lija LJA 1071, Malta

Phone: 18007649523

Email: [email protected]



The platform is one of the leading names when it comes to online casual dating. It has many success stories to support its claim of matching people for casual sex and dating. If you have failed to find a match offline, then there is no better platform than BeNaughty to start with your casual dating life.

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