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The best dating app for meeting singles interested in going to restaurants and cafes to have a date.
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Dine App Overview

Dine App
Dine App
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  • The members on this site want more than just chatting or talking. They want to go on a real date
  • The identity of the members is verified via Facebook
  • Women have free access to communication tools; they can send unlimited messages without spending anything
  • Dine app has a mobile application available for both iOS and Android platforms
  • It's a completely new concept that expedites meeting with your potential match
  • Male members have to opt for a paid membership to send messages.
  • Once a member accepts your request to dining, the person can see your Facebook profile.
  • The majority of the members on this platform are from major cities. You will rarely find someone from a small town or countryside

Dine app is different from conventional online dating sites where you can see profiles of so many people, but when you want to meet them, they refuse to go on a date. However, the members on this app are interested in going on a real date rather than only chatting online. Dine app is an excellent way to start a relationship where the members wish to meet their potential match on a date to know each other better. If they find the other member compatible, they can go on a relationship. Isn’t it better than just chatting online, and don’t want to meet personally?

If you are new to online dating, or you are tired of talking and wasting a lot of time on other apps, then it’s time to join the Dine app. However, you might have many questions about it. This review is to help you get answers to the questions you have. So, read till the end to get every information about this dating app that has created a buzz among the youths.

Dine App Review

How Does This Dating App Work To Get Dates?

Are you bored of chatting with so many people on the Internet, but rarely find someone willing to go on a real date? This app allows people looking for a dating partner to go on a date and meet their prospective match. Dine app has changed the way people find a dating partner on the Internet. To use this app, you need to download it on your phone and sign in. The app is available for android as well as iPhones. Once you install it on your phone, you need to create a profile on the site to find a potential match.

Nevertheless, once you create a profile on the Dine app, you will get recommendations of matching profiles around your place. You can also use the search option to find someone looking for a partner to go on a date. You have to find the right match, and invite the person on a date. If the member accepts, you can meet for a dine. If both the members find each other compatible, you can take the relationship forward. If you are a male member, you need to get a premium membership to send a message.

How Does This Dating App Work To Get Dates?

What Is The Process To Register And Create A Profile?

Signing up on this site is an easy process, and anyone can do it if the person is completely new on dating sites. You need a Facebook account to sign up on this site. Once you download the app, you need to open it, and you will get the option to sync the Dine app with your Facebook account. The app will import your pictures and other information from Facebook. So, you don’t need to provide your name, date of birth, email address, etc. Next, you need to select your city from the list.

As of now, the Dine app has eight metros from the USA and Canada. You have the option to select your current location if you don’t see your place on the list. Then you have to select a dining spot; it can be a coffee house, restaurant, or a bar where you wish to meet your potential match. You need to select three spots and then the members you like to go on a date in any of the places you selected. You can skip this step if you don’t want to update the place while signing up. Dine app also collects information about your educational background, the number of Facebook friends, and your hometown. However, you have to update your height, religion, ethnicity, and relationship status like married, divorced, widow, or separated and the kind of meal you prefer (vegetarian or non-vegetarian) if you drink or not. It completes your profile.

What Is The Process To Register And Create A Profile

How Does The Profile Interface On This Platform Look?

The profile interface looks simple but has a lot of details. You can find a lot of information about the person from the profile. You will be able to see the name, gender, location, and educational background of the person. Apart from this, you can see some personal details like marital status, religion, race, ethnicity, and food preference (veg or non-veg), etc. on a Dine app profile. If you send a dining request and the person accepts, you will also be able to see the Facebook profile of the person. You can see the number of friends, and all other details that are for public view.

How To Find A Match And Communicate With Other Members?

Once you create a profile on the Dine app, you will see the suggestions of matching profiles. You can see if the profiles are compatible with you. The more accurate information you update about yourself, the better suggestions you get. So, it’s critical that you update accurate information about yourself. The site’s advanced matching system uses the information you update to suggest to you the most suitable profiles around your place and in other cities. The Dine app also has a search option. You can use that, and apply the available filters to find the most suitable match. Once you find an attractive profile, you can send a dining request. If you are a male, you need to get a premium membership to send a message to someone. However, if you are a female member, you can send a message with a free membership. You can also express interest in someone’s profile by liking their photos as well.

How To Find A Match And Communicate With Other Members?

What Is The Audience Structure And Activities To Explore On The App?

The app currently operates in the USA and Canada only as of now. If you are in any other country, you have to look for other options. Most members on this dating site are mature people looking for a serious relationship. They want to find someone to get married to or a meaningful relationship. However, some members of the Dine app are interested in casual dating also. The site has more than one million members and many are very active on this platform.

What Is The Average Age Of Uses On This Unique Dating App?

The app accepts membership from people across different age groups. You have to be at least 18 years old to be a member of this site. The majority of the members belong to the age group of 25-40; however, you can find older people as well. Some of the members are 50 years or more.

What Is The Average Age Of Uses On This Unique Dating App?

Does Sexual Preferences Matter On This Dating Platform?

Does The App Discriminate People Based On Their Race And Ethnicity?

Dine app does not differentiate people in terms of their race and ethnicity. You can be an Asian, African, American or from any other ethnic background, there is no hindrance based on your race. The members respect one another for their diverse ethnic backgrounds. In one word, the Dine app is a melting pot for people from a different ethnic background.

What Is The Religious Orientations Of The Members On This Platform?

The majority of the members on this site are Christians. However, there is no restriction on people from other religious groups from joining the app. You can be a follower of Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, or any other faith; there is no barrier to joining Dine app.

What Are The Features Of The Dine App That Makes It Stand Out?

This dating app does not have a website as of now. Like Tinder, Bumble is only available as a mobile application. You can download the app on Android as well as the iOS platform.

What Are The Features Of The Dine App That Makes It Stand Out?

What Are The Safety And Security Features Of The App?

Dine app is a secure dating app. The site takes special care to ensure the user’s details are protected. It adopts the latest technologies to keep the information of its members secured. The members on this site are verified through a Facebook account. So, there is very little chance for a profile to be fake. Dine app uses an SSL secure connection to process your payment. It ensures your payment information is not accessible by any unauthorized person. However, the site recommends you not share any sensitive information on a public forum that can jeopardize your security. You can read the privacy policies of the site to know what they do with your details.

Is Dine App A Legit Platform To Find Dates?

It is the most crucial information that comes into the user’s mind when they think about joining a dating site. As per the reviews by its users, this app is legit and not a scam. Most of the members are interested in going on a real date rather than chatting online and not doing anything else. The users on the Dine app are mostly mature people looking for a partner to marry. So, you can find serious people on this platform.

Is Dine App A Legit Platform To Find Dates?

What Are Different Subscription Plans Of This Platform

Dine app has two types of memberships; free and paid. The site is promoted as free; however, it only means a free registration. If you are a male member, you can’t use the communication tools. There are two types of paid subscriptions; one is the monthly plan. You have to pay $29.99 per month or $39.99 per month if you are going for a 12 months or six months subscription together. The other type of paid plan is buying coins to use the paid feature like sending messages. You can buy 10 roses for $24.99, 30 roses for $59.99, or 100 roses for $179.99.

What Are The Free Membership Features?

The Dine App offers free as well as paid memberships. The free members can access some of the features. Read below to know that.

  1. You can create a complete profile by providing all the details about yourself and your desired match
  2. If you use the app frequently, you can collect roses that will enable you to send free messages
  3. You can use search and other functions to find the most compatible match and see their profiles

What Are The Free Membership Features?

What Are The Features Offered In Paid Membership?

The paid membership of the Dine app has a lot of features that you look for on a dating site. It allows you to communicate with other members. You can send unlimited messages and enjoy some other features. Here is the list of features of the paid subscriptions.

  1. You can send unlimited messages to anyone without worrying about rose or credits
  2. It helps you save money on dining at your favorite place
  3. Get suggestions on compatible profiles more frequently

Price of Paid Plans

  1. $29.99 per month (for 12 months subscription)
  2. $39.99 per month (for six months subscription)
  3. Dine Gold $64.99 per month
  4. 10 roses for $24.99
  5. 30 roses for $59.99
  6. 100 roses for $179.99

What Are The Features Offered In Paid Membership?

How Is The Design Of The Website And Usability Features?

The Dine app does not have a website till now that you can use. There is no update from the site as of now if they are going to launch a website shortly.

How Efficient Is The Mobile Application Of The Platform?

The mobile application of the Dine app is available for installation on Android and iOS mobile phones. You can download the app free from the Google Play store or the Apps store according to your phone. You have to register on the Dine app using your Facebook credentials. There are some other details you can update about yourself and your desired partner to get the best recommendations. In terms of design, the app is simple yet very attractive. You can see all the functions on the home page only. There are dedicated icons for messages, and search functions. Apart from this, you can find some other functions under the menu. All the essential functions can be accessed from there.

If you talk about usability, Dine App is easy to use and anyone can operate it even if they don’t have previous experience of using a dating app. You can navigate from one page to another smoothly. The app does not lag or hang in the middle. It gives you a very smooth experience.

Contact Details Of The App

  • Company: Mrk & Co
  • Address: Dai-Go Kanou Bldg 5F, 3-26-16, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
  • Phone: Not Available
  • e-mail: [email protected]

Closing Sentences On The App Review

Most online dating sites have a large number of profiles. You will see beautiful men and women looking to date. However, when you contact them and ask to go on a date, the majority of them don’t respond. If you are tired of just chatting and gossiping on online dating sites, the Dine app is the app you must consider. The members on this dating site are mature people and serious about a relationship. They want to go on dine and date like-minded people who are looking for a partner. Dine App is open for everyone to join irrespective of their race, ethnicity, or religion.

Currently, the Dine app is accessible to the people of the USA and Canada. However, you may find it in another location as well. The site has free as well as paid membership. If you are a female, you can use all the premium features for free, but if you are a man, you have to get a premium subscription to send a message. The app has a nice and attractive design, but it is user-friendly. If you are not a tech-savvy person, you can still use it. Overall, the Dine app is an excellent choice for people looking to find people ready to go on a date.

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