Polyamory Date Review

The creator of the Polyamory Date website is the Friend Finder Networks. You can be sure that you deal with one of the biggest dating platform, which caters to polyamorous couples.

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Polyamory Date Overview

Polyamory Date
Polyamory Date
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Polyamory Date
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  • It is a trustworthy website for polyamorous couples.
  • The member database is pretty big.
  • The interface is user-friendly and intuitive.
  • The search mechanism is powerful enough to find the best dates.
  • A big choice of communication features.
  • You can register as a couple.
  • There is no application.
  • The mobile version has a badly-optimized user interface.
  • The web design and aesthetic appeal are out-dated.

How Does It Work?

Polyamory Date Review

It is an efficient online service that helps polyamorous men, women, and couples find matching partners. You can use the site for one-time meetings or something more significant. The final results will depend on your needs and type of relationship you expect to find here.

Sign-Up & Login Process

The sign-up step goes fast and straightforward. A new Polyamory Date user has to provide a few general details, such as his or her gender, date of birth, country, state, etc. There are other details you can provide, but they are not mandatory. You can skip fulfilling them or edit later and proceed to the step of profile creation.

Profile Interface

You can create your own profile as an individual or do it as a polyamory couple as it is a rare dating site that offers such an option. Polyamory Date helps single people or couples build and experience polyamorous relationships. If you want to try this kind of relationship, it is the right place to start. As a couple, you have the right to compose a combined dating profile and bost your experience in finding perfect matches.


Polyamory Date Review

The Polyamory Date site offers an excellent search engine. You can access a basic search or apply more advanced filters to meet all your dating criteria. The advanced search has many advantages. By applying certain filters, you can narrow the matching results down. You can set the preferences you want, such as a body constitution, sexual dreams, race, age, ethnicity, religion, location, and so on.

Communication on the Polyamory Date platform is pleasant and friendly, thanks to open-minded members. You get access to plenty of options when it comes to interacting with other single men and women. This dating site has an excellent internal messaging tool. You can choose between a live text-based chat or private letters. Both options are fun and easy to use. By the way, you should know that the Polyamory Date site allows you to send private letters anonymously. After sending the message, you have the right to remove the whole conversation session. Premium members can test live video chat features, which is the best way to know your potential match better.

Members Structure and Activities

Polyamory Date Review

Before you decide to join the Polyamory Date community, it is essential to understand the main goals and the target audience of this website. You have to be sure that the website offers the type of dates you expect to meet here. The majority of men and women here are searching for adult dating services, hookups, or sex without any commitment. It means you will meet a lot of like-minded people who are looking for polyamory relationships. It is the right place to find a partner who wants to hook up with you this evening. You should not expect to find a romantic relationship or marriage. It is not the site to look for traditional relationships. Here the members like to try something new and share their sexual experience. So, if you are curious to try something new and non-traditional, you will like the member structure of the same oriented people. Polyamory Date will help you connect to meet single hot men and women who like sexy things as much as you do.

Users Age

You can join the Polyamory Date community if you are 18 years old. It is a legal dating service that caters to mature men and women. Minors have nothing to do here. The age distribution is well-balanced here, so you have all the chances to meet your ideal match.

Sexual Preferences

The majority of members on the Polyamory Date are polyamory. You even have the right to register as a couple and find your date. Here, the target audience is open, and the sexual orientations are diverse.

Race and Ethnicity

The Polyamory Date platform welcomes people of any ethnicity and race. You will never face any discrimination while using this online dating service.

Religious Orientation

Polyamory Date Review

The site focuses on polyamory relationships and not religion. You can mention your religion or faith in your profile when you write a description of yourself. However, there are no restrictions in terms of faith or religion people follow.

Polyamory Date Dating Website Features

Polyamory Date offers some interesting features:

Videos: every user has the right to upload your video content on the dating profile. You can set the visibility. By making your video as public, you permit all potential matches to watch it. If you are not ready to make it public, you can share your video content via private messages/chats.

PolyamoryToday: it is an exclusive feature of this dating site. It allows all registered members to subscribe to the “PolyamoryToday,” which is a regular newsletter. You will receive it twice a month to access the official blog with plenty of useful tips and articles. It is an awesome service, and you should take maximum advantage of it. If you just start experiencing polyamorous life, you will find a lot of valuable information to make you feel more self-confident in your choice.

Safety & Security

Polyamory Date Review

Before you start logging into your new dating account on the Polyamory Date website, you have to confirm your valid email. Every new member can add images after they get approved by the moderator. If you upload a proper photo content, it will become visible to all the community. It is an essential safety step that does not let scammers add photos of unknown people, pets, celebrities, cartoons, or kids.

Anonymity on Polyamory Date:

The Polyamory Date website does not permit non-registered users to view any dating profiles. Such an approach permits all registered members to protect their privacy. It is a minimum level of protection every legit dating service has to guarantee to its clients. Inside the community, all the members can see your photos and profile. Also, you have no chance to mask your photos. The developer encourages its users to add a series of photos to attract maximum attention to potential matches. The Polyamory Date platform allows you to upload images in a private gallery. In such a case, you can decide who will get your permission to view them. The Polyamory Date site does not have any “panic” buttons, which enable a member to get redirected to a third-party website. The significant advantage of this platform is that it sends all data via SSL encryption. It is the way to ensure users that any third party can intercept their private messages.

Safety on Polyamory Date:

The site looks safe. You will not find many complaints on the internet about the quality of its dating services. However, when you use any dating site, which offers hookups and casual sex, you have to stay vigilant. There is always a risk of meeting scammers or fake accounts. The developer recommends all members to read the safety tips to protect yourself. If you notice suspicious activity on this dating site, you have to contact the helpline immediately. It is essential to report such activities to protect you and other members. You should rely on your own instincts while interacting with people you do not know pretty well. Any kind of weird stuff that happens on the website has to be stopped immediately. So, you should not hesitate to report this user.

Is Polyamory Date Legit or Scam Service?

You can be 100% confident that the Polyamory Date dating service is legal. Its well-known owner is Friend Finder Networks. This company has been in the dating market for many years and has gained a good reputation. The developer assures its clients that all members’ profiles are authentic. You will have a safe and fruitful dating experience over there.

Subscription Types and Price

Polyamory Date Review

Polyamory Date Premium Subscription Plans:

  • The one-month duration costs 30 USD (1 USD/day).
  • The three-month duration costs 60 USD or 20 USD/month.
  • The one-year duration costs 180 USD or 15 USD/month.

Polyamory Date Non-Recurring Coin-Plan:

  • The price of 200 coins is 109 USD.
  • The price of 500 coins is 203 USD.
  • The price of 1000 coins is 325 USD.

Every member can choose the most suitable payment option: Credit or Debit Card, PayPal, ACH Payment, Money Order, or any Bank Check. You should know that the site renews your premium subscription automatically. You can switch off this setting by reading the instructions below.

How can you switch off the auto-renewal setting?

The “Auto-Renew” feature makes the life of active users much more accessible. They do not have to think about the expiry date of their subscription. The site does everything automatically. When your subscription expires, you can’t access all the advanced features. Your Polyamory Date account gets renewed using provided credit card details. All the financial information is available in the section called “Billing History & Credit Card Info.” A member has the right to update the information about his or her credit card details. It is crucial to keep the valid credit card details on the site.

If a member does not plan to use the Polyamory Date site’s services in the future, he/she has to do the following:

  1. Start with logging into the website (use your valid username/password).
  2. Press the “My Account” button in the top menu.
  3. Press the “Billing History & Credit Card Info” section in your “Account” menu.
  4. Look at the top side of the page to see the status of your purchased product.
  5. Press “Off” under the displayed status to switch off the auto-renew option.

Free Membership

Polyamory Date Review

The site presents itself as a free dating service. Let’s see whether it is really true. The pricing policy is the essential thing you must have a clear understanding before you decide to join. Polyamory Date works as a popular dating site. It is free to join technically. You can create a new account and profile. However, if you decide to continue using the platform is a free member, you will have pretty hard times getting access to the most features. Non-paying users can’t access communicating features. So, if you want to enjoy chatting, you need to purchase a premium subscription plan.

It is true that joining the Polyamory Date site is free of charge. However, standard users suffer a lot from noisy and extremely distracting advertisements. Some members find it difficult to focus on interacting with potential dates. If you want to remove this pain, you should consider purchasing the paid version of this dating platform. It is the right solution if comfort makes significance for you. When you are confident in using online dating services, you have to be sure to achieve good results without wasting your time. By investing money into a premium subscription plan, you increase your chances to find the precise date within a short time frame.

Before you upgrade your membership, you should carefully consider your budget and make the right choice. The site offers several duration options. If you are not limited in money, you should choose the most extended version. At the end of the period, you will save money. So, if you are ready to meet your polyamory partner, it is time to make the right decision. You make the investment into the success of your dating experience.

Website Design and Usability

Polyamory Date Review

The web design of the Polyamory Date site is average. It looks neat and well-structured. However, the developer could make it a bit more up-to-date. It has all the essential elements and functions every respectful dating site offers to its clients.

The Polyamory Date site offers the following search criteria: age, gender, online members, and those who have photo content in their profiles. If you have a premium membership, you can access more extended search criteria. You can identify potential dates that live in your area, thanks to local search. Polyamory Date offers a paying feature, which is called “Priority Listing.” It is your chance to take the top position in the search results. Plenty of people will notice your profile and will have a desire to get to know you better.

Additionally, there is an opportunity to include a video into your profile. This dating website uses an advanced matching algorithm. It helps you identify the most compatible members. You have the right to filter your contacts and block individual suspicious members.

Premium members can enjoy communicating via video chats. Make sure you use a good webcam and microphone. It is a safe way to meet a person before the first real date. Do not forget to use virtual gifts to members you like. It is the way to break the ice and make the first step!

Mobile Application

Polyamory Date Review

Unfortunately, Polyamory Date does not offer a mobile application. Let’s hope that the developer will present a nice and highly functional one soon. However, the situation is not that bad. If you want to use this online dating service on your mobile device, you can access the mobile site. You will be amazed, but it works the same as the desktop version. It is your chance to test the online service on your mobile device. The developer promises that you will have a complete dating experience on the go. You can choose any browser. Of course, the app would be more convenient to use. It is time to test it and interact with your already existing or new dates.

Contact Information

Company: Various Inc.(USA)

Address: 910 E. Hamilton Ave. Suite 600, Campbell, CA. 95008

Phone: (669)208-0363, +800-3363-3333

Email: Help Line


Polyamory Date Review

The conclusion of the detailed Polyamory Date review is positive. It is an excellent online dating platform, which caters to polyamorous single men and women or couples. Every member can access either basic or advanced features depending on the chosen membership status. The developer promises that every member will find a date to have fun together! It is the best choice if you want to find dates for hookups. The site is a good fit for singles who like to experiment and try something new in terms of their sexuality. Give it a try and get the most out of your extraordinary dating experiences. Do not forget to subscribe to the Polyamory Date updates and notifications to receive interesting promo codes, free trials, and other special offers. Join the Polyamory Date site and find your spicy date already today!

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