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Find mutually beneficial relationships. SeekingArrangement is an online sugar dating platform where you can look for a partner based on his/her wealth.

SeekingArrangement Overview

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  • The site has a very high population of female members. This is a very positive aspect, as most dating platforms are overcrowded with the male population.
  • The interface of the website is straightforward, which makes it easy to operate on the platform.
  • The registration process is straightforward and takes only a few minutes of your time.
  • The verification process is strict, which helps in screening out fake profiles.
  • The site claims that you can easily find a match for yourself within just five days.
  • Free members have minimal things to do as most things can be unlocked only after upgrading to premium membership of SeekingArrangement.
  • The premium membership is an expensive affair.
  • The income verification takes a lot of time, as it is based on the whole platform.
  • The site has fake profiles, especially when it comes to women/ sugar babies.

SeekingArrangement is an online sugar dating platform that believes that money is the most critical factor in any romantic relationship. You have often heard of the term sugar daddy and sugar baby. The platform openly admits that its users are either sugar daddies or sugar babies. If you are the kind of person who values the relationship as the other person’s net worth, then this platform can help you go a long way with this thought. The world is turning into a material place where people fall in love with others after figuring out the size of the house and the other person’s bank balance. SeekingArrangement is just the online way to do it.

What is the working behind it?

What is the working behind it?

The platform has a new approach to finding matches in the online dating world. It was started in 2006 to bring forward the financial aspect of a relationship. It believes in a balanced relationship where the sugar babies can enjoy the luxuries while sugar daddies and mommies get a beautiful partner for themselves. SeekingArrangement aims to provide mutually beneficial relationships in terms of money. It is open for people looking for casual sex as well as a serious long-term relationship. It redefines the meaning of a perfect relationship by keeping cash as the basis of perfection.

Registration Process

The registration process cannot get any more comfortable when it comes to this platform. You can become a member within just a few minutes. You have to click on the ‘Join Now’ option of the platform. Then you will be redirected to the registration page. You first have to provide your gender and gender preference on SeekingArrangement. Then you have to mention whether you want to find someone rich or someone beautiful/ handsome. In short, it asks you if you are a sugar baby or a sugar mommy/ daddy. Then you have to provide your email address and date of birth. With this, you are done with the sign-up process of the platform.

Registration Process

Setting Up Profile

The platform has a rather elaborate profile set-up even though it is not mandatory to set up your profile. The entire process of setting up your profile is broken down into six easy steps. The first step is where you have to provide a username for your SeekingArrangement account. Try to keep a username that resonates with your personality and avoid cliché names. You are also asked to provide a photo that you can upload from your device, Facebook account, or Instagram account. With this, you can move onto the next step.

The next step is you have to provide the city where you reside. Along with this, you also have to provide your date of birth for a second time. This step comes to a close with this.

The third step is about describing your physical attributes on SeekingArrangement. You have to provide your height, body type, and ethnicity. There are many options for all these three columns, and you will find something to describe yourself.

The next step is also about describing yourself to give others a better idea of who you are. You have to provide your level of education. It also asks about your relationship status as to whether you are single, married, divorced, etc. It also has an option where you can choose to specify if you have any children. The next two columns ask you if you drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes.

The fifth step is where you describe what you are looking for through SeekingArrangement. The site has many tags like Luxury lifestyle, No Strings attached, open relationship, etc. to describe the relationship you want to establish. If you are not content with the tags, you can elaborately describe it in 4000 characters. With this, you can go to the last step.

The last step is all about adding finishing touches to your profile. You can give a catchy heading for your profile to draw other’s attention. You can also describe yourself interestingly and elaborately. You are done with setting up your profile with this step.

Registration Process

Age Composition

The maximum population of the platform is young and falls under the age group of 24-35. The male to female ratio is almost equal, with 48 percent female and 52 percent male members. ### Sexual Orientation

The platform is a progressive dating platform and is open to gays, lesbians, and bisexuals. You will find tons of matches on SeekingArrangement if you are a member of the LGBT community.

Ethnic Group

The platform does not care about the race you belong to. It does not even ask your race or ethnic group when you register yourself as a user. It does not discriminate against the participation of any specific race or ethnic group.

Religious Preference

Like race and ethnic groups, a member’s religion is never asked during the whole process of registration and setting up of profile. It does not matter which religion you belong to as long as you are into sugar dating.

SeekingArrangement Exclusive Features

SeekingArrangement Exclusive Features

SeekingArrangement has some exclusive features which make the platform all the more attractive.

  • Let’s Talk Sugar BlogIt

It is the Blog page of the platform where you can openly discuss Sugar dating’s various dimensions.

  • Diamond Membership

The site has different membership types, but the diamond membership is exclusively available for sugar daddies and mommies.

  • Video Chat

Once you connect with a member, you can send texts to make conversations. However, one beautiful feature is the video chat, which allows members to see and interact through video calls.

Safety And Protection

SeekingArrangement has a rather elaborate privacy policy. It mentions that the information you provide is not given to any third party. However, your bank details are given to a collections agency if you lapse any payment. Even though it does not share your information, it has the right to do so if it requires it. Moreover, the information you give can be stored by the platform for an indefinite period. Every communication and information you make through the website is protected with SSL-encryption. Hence, the site provides a very safe and secure interface to its users, and you can operate without any tension.

Is SeekingArrangement Genuine Or Fake?

SeekingArrangement is a good platform. It has been proving its worth ever since its start in 2006. The site has gained many prominences, and people looking for a partner might have already heard of this platform. It takes special care in verifying the income of a person to provide other users with genuine profiles. Moreover, it takes all the efforts to remove fake profiles from the platform. The team behind the platform works very hard to provide a good experience to its users. The many success stories of SeekingArrangement makes it even more believable. The security systems in place and the excellent customer service shows that the platform is here to serve its members and not cheat them.

Free And Paid Membership

Free And Paid Membership

All the features of the website are not available to you as soon as you become a member. You have to become a premium member for that. You can pay the fees of premium membership using a credit card or PayPal. The prices for paid membership are:

Duration Cost per Month Total Cost
Premium Subscription (Successful Member)
1 Month 89.95 USD / Month 89.95 USD
Premium Subscription (Successful Members)
3 Months 79.95 USD / Month 239.85 USD
Diamond Membership (Successful Member)
1 Month 249.95 USD / Month 249.95 USD
Premium (Attractive Member) Subscription
1 Month 19.95 USD / Month 19.95 USD
3 Months 14.95 USD / Month 44.85 USD

Standard membership

The features of free membership on SeekingArrangement are:

  1. You can make an account and create a profile for free.
  2. You can use the search tools to find and match yourself with other members.
  3. The chat feature of the members is available to you free of cost.

Premium Membership

The features of premium membership are:

  1. You can browse through the platform anonymously.
  2. You get notifications when a member reads your message.
  3. You can filter out the messages you want to see as per your criteria.
  4. You don’t have to see the ads that take up a lot of space.
  5. Many more filter options get unlocked for you once you.

Website Layout and Ease of Use

Website Layout and Ease of Use

The website of SeekingArrangement has a simple interface. At the first look itself, you will be impressed with the design of the website. It has a very premium look, and the simple layout helps the members use it without much problem. Everything you look for is available to you without any complication. Overall, the site looks very impressive and works very fast. You don’t have to wait for a long time for the pages to load.

Mobile App

There is an app for the platform which was earlier available in both Android and iOS. However, Apple has removed the SeekingArrangement app from the App Store. The app expands the accessibility of the platform. Moreover, the app is very easy to use as everything from the website is available in it. The design of the app has got the right aesthetics. The user interface is fast, and the operation of the app is very smooth. The size and color of the font are also clearly visible on the website.

Contact Details

Company: InfoStream Group, Inc.

Address: 3250 Pepper Lane, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA 89120

Phone: +1-888-963-3496

E-mail: [email protected]



SeekingArrangement is one of the best sites that are available to people looking for online sugar dating. There is no other platform that can cover everything about a dating platform with such efficiency. The platform has perfectly tackled everything from registration to communication to security. There is no reason why you shouldn’t choose this platform for your dating needs.

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