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Vanilla Umbrella Overview

Vanilla Umbrella
Vanilla Umbrella
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Vanilla Umbrella
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  • Genuine profiles who are really into BDSM.
  • Members are always active. It takes minutes for them to reply.
  • 24*7 support, helpline, customer care is always available.
  • A very secure and protective platform for safe dating. Strict rules and privacy policy for a better experience.
  • Available on Android, iOS, and Website.
  • Registration based on invitation only.
  • Not very popular among people, therefore making a match is tough sometimes.
  • The membership price is on the higher side.

Vanilla Umbrella welcomes singles and couples who love to experiment with something new and always had a fetish for something extra and spicy on the bed. Hello, Kinky stars! Have you been losing that spark in your sexual life? That’s because you aren’t into vanilla sex; kink is your taste, which Vanilla Umbrella tries to unravel in you.

How does it work?

It’s a new age dating site that tries to break the taboo of vanilla sex. They are fighting to bring awareness and the necessity of spice in the sexual behavior of couples. The slogan Vanilla Umbrella uses, “couples who play together, stay together,” is quite a rebel. BDSM has always been a subject of fantasy since the beginning of time. If you are quite sure about your strong feelings about being sexually experimentative, you are already reading the right review.

How does it work?

Sign-Up & Login Process

Sign up is one of the easiest processes, but let’s remind you, you can join Vanilla Umbrella only by invitation. Friends can send you invitation codes or obtain an invitation code from Vanilla Umbrella’s official site. Once you receive the invitation code, which will be sent via email, paste the invitation code. You will then be able to access the registration page and begin with the process.

Once you reach the registration page, you will see a blank space that needs to be filled. The spaces need to be filled with general information like your name, gender, location, age, relationship status, and so on. If you are registering as a couple, you have to provide information about your partner too. Vanilla Umbrella wants to know some personal information regarding your sexual fetish, too, like, if you have any swinger experience, if yes, the level of it. What kind of sexual fetish you are involved with, what do you prefer, etc.? You can edit your profile after sign in. Therefore, if you want to add or reduce any of the information, you can do it quickly. Once you are logged into Vanilla Umbrella, you can start your adventures.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Profile interface

Vanilla Umbrella is designed to deliver pleasure! The app is available on both the mobile stores, Android and iOS, along with a website version too. The profiles are very descriptive because incomplete profiles are not accepted on Vanilla Umbrella. They have profile pictures that are attractive but maintain decency because nudity in any form is restricted. The Vanilla Umbrella was constructed to cater to the needs of individuals who love to experiment with their body, therefore maintaining minimum decency is necessary.


You will start receiving match suggestions when you sign up with Vanilla Umbrella. A list of potential matches will show up, and you can choose a partner from them. When the list appears, you can choose to keep scrolling and hitting Next until a profile attracts you. When you see a member profile you like, click on it. You can initiate a conversation then. You can try to break the ice using tricks taught by Vanilla Umbrella.

The common ice-breaking questions should be the confident ones; this where your personality will reflect. This will help you get the other person’s attention. These search features cannot be said as the best search feature, but they do make perfect matches. The chances of matching are comparatively low in this platform because of the invitation process of registration. You will be matched only when the other person accepts your request. After that, you start deciding your next move.


Members structure and activities

Vanilla Umbrella has a minimal member structure because it is mostly dependent on personal invites only. If you are not invited to the platform, you won’t be able to log in. Members generally send these invites to their friends or lovers. You can avail of these invite coupons from various sites, but be aware of fraud and scams.

Vanilla Umbrella is currently ranking on Alexa at 4,428,963 globally. It is a popular app among the kink stars, but generally, people do not want to reveal their sexual interest, and therefore it is unpopular. Google Play Store gives 4.3 ratings to Vanilla Umbrella, while iOS gives 4.2.

Members structure and activities

Users age

To use Vanilla Umbrella, one has to be 18 or above 18 years regardless of the adult age in their specific country.

Sexual preferences

Vanilla Umbrella doesn’t specify any gender. You can be of any gender and still become a member. When you register, if you are single, you have to mention your sexual preference; if you are registering as a couple, you have to choose your preferred gender for a date. They do not have any discriminatory attitude nor any discriminatory system. They strictly restrict any behavior that is discriminatory towards a particular community.

Race And Ethnicity

They do not discriminate among any race or ethnicity. You are allowed to join Vanilla Umbrella regardless of your race or ethnicity. There are strict rules against racism and any anti-ethnicity speeches or insults. If you are found guilty of any particular race or ethnicity degradation, you will be terminated from using the platform and might face legal obligations.

Race And Ethnicity

Religious Orientation

There are no restrictions on individuals having various religious opinions. You don’t have to be of a particular religion to avail of the benefits of Vanilla Umbrella.

This platform is strictly against any religious discriminatory statements and behavior.

Vanilla Umbrella dating website features

The Vanilla Umbrella is a dating platform for BDSM lovers. It has some special features that make it stand out in the crowd.

  1. A revolutionary platform- The first unique feature would be its nature, the type of dating experience it provides. It provides a fantastic feel while chatting with different people.
  2. Fetish dating- This is the only dating platform that provides instant notification about new people coming to your profile. You can see different new people and chat openly. Also, when you join it for the first time, people will start messaging you randomly.
  3. Encrypted chats- All the chats are encrypted, and therefore it is one of the safest dating platforms. You can be protected from any threats from outside. Your conversation is always secured. You can enjoy whatever way you like to chat.
  4. Personals- This feature helps a member to find dates and lovers who can be mister/mistress, slave, submissive, a unicorn, or even a couple.
  5. Events and Fetishes- You can visit different events, make friends, share sexual energies, fetish, etc. There are several events available on the website.
  6. Forums- They have a forum where you can post and read different blogs and posts. Your fellow members post these posts. You can like and unlike these posts. Share your thoughts, blogs, images, etc. It’s a dating and community platform for the Kink Stars!

Vanilla Umbrella dating website features

Safety & Security

Vanilla Umbrella is one of the best dating sites that promote experimental sexual behaviors. Therefore they have robust security, which helps to keep the information of the members safe. They will ask you whether you agree to their terms of service and privacy policy during registration. It is advised that you go through the pages immediately and understand the points they want to tell you.

Due to this site’s experimental nature, numerous members are not comfortable sharing any information with anyone. You will be asked to subscribe to their email option because it is their only way of communication. You can change it from settings afterward.

Their privacy policy states that your information will not be shared with any third party. Most importantly, you cannot create an account on Vanilla Umbrella without an invitation from existing members. You can only join this particular platform if you have an invitation code. This reduces any unexpected risk. The one dependable for sending the code is either a known person or a date who is already a user of Vanilla Umbrella. They have passwords for better protection, and you can block profiles if you think they are misbehaving. Also, you can Report profiles if you find them suspicious or fake.

They do not have many fake profiles because Vanilla Umbrella takes care of the profile with less information or doesn’t have the contents they are supposed to have. For more details about their privacy policy, please visit their website. Vanilla Umbrella has a cherry on top feature. The chats are encrypted for higher security reasons!

Safety & Security

Is Vanilla Umbrella legit or scam service?

Vanilla Umbrella is one of the best BDSM dating sites found all over. They try to spread awareness of experimental sexual behaviors. According to surveys, even if a couple is married for 20 years, they have not yet been able to disclose their sexual desires to one another. This platform is trying to provide a way individuals can experience the type of sexual behavior they desire. The app is free to download, and you can either choose the free membership or the VIP membership.

All the profiles are well described, and it’s done beautifully without being vulgar. They completely restrict any indecent behavior. Matches are made using the geo-location, you provide a location, and Vanilla Umbrella will try to find you a suitable match in your location. This matching is rare because not many people are using these BDSM sites. BDSM is still considered a taboo for society. The app is available in both the mobile app stores. When you subscribe to the site, you get various new features that can help elevate your experience on Vanilla Umbrella.

To know about the platform, you can read various reviews by users. These reviews you can find on the website. The profile is all real, and you can go on a real-life couple date or just a date and discover the dormant explorer in you!

Is Vanilla Umbrella legit or scam service?

Subscription types and price

Vanilla Umbrella has two types of subscriptions, one that is free, and the other is paid. When you install the app on your mobile, you will be asked to register for the site. When you are done with the information section, they will ask you to choose your convenient type of membership. You can choose the free membership, which has minimal features, or choose the VIP membership, with numerous features.


  1. Pay $19.99 for a 1-month subscription and get
  2. 50 credits for $15.99
  3. 100 credits for $23.99
  4. 200 credits for $32.99
  5. Pay $54.99 for 3 months subscription.
  6. Pay $99.99 for 6 months subscription.

Payment Methods- You can pay your subscription charges using your

  1. Credit card
  2. Paypal
  3. Cheque

Subscription types and price

Free Membership

The basic membership is free, which offers some features that will help you survive on the platform. Once you upgrade to the VIP, you will have an ocean of features to choose from. You should try the premium membership; it is available at affordable prices. Find below some of the features you are going to miss if you don’t go for a premium.

  1. Free features will let you search for matches but will not let you check if the invitation was accepted.
  2. You can upload your profile picture or edit the profile if you want to.
  3. Registration is free of any charges, and so is the installation of the app.
  4. Free members can see profiles but will not be able to see the gallery of their interest.

Vanilla Umbrella provides quite a rich set of paid membership plans. With the paid membership, you will be able to avail of these benefits.

  1. Unlimited messaging, sending and receiving
  2. Unlimited Video calling
  3. You will be having access to the forums, post, share, and like.
  4. Messages are encrypted, and you will be able to enjoy a free and safe space.
  5. A unique feature, namely Fetish Dating, which allows you to meet new people.
  6. You will get instant notifications from Vanilla Umbrella.
  7. You will have access to events where you can join. Also, find munches, DDLG, roles, etc.

Paid membership

Website design and usability

The Vanilla Umbrella website is very well organized and well structured. All the features are organized in the left side corner of the screen. The layout is straightforward and mystifying because of the color used. You will see on the upper corners of the screen, User settings and Display Settings. The search and the discover options will be available on top of the screen. The screen is adjustable, and it will appear according to your device screen. The website is smooth and easy to operate.

Mobile application

The Mobile application for Vanilla Umbrella is available on both the platform, Android and iOS. The interface is incredible, and the background color makes it appear like an ideal spot for all the kink stars. The black layout color is also helpful because it makes the white fonts appear more dramatic, clear, and enigmatic.

The mobile application makes the ‘like and dislike’ feature easy to execute. If you’re trying to make a move in the field, you can start by searching for suitable members. The search option is very smooth and uses the geo-location feature. Vanilla Umbrella uses geo-location, which will help you hook up with someone from your locality, hence proving it’s originality.

The mobile app delivers some fantastic features like finding events, mistress, submissive fetish dating, slaves, etc., in just a click. Every feature is well structured and easy to use. You will get a quality mobile application that is smooth, well constructed, well organized and has quite a long list of features.

Contact information

  • Company: Vanilla Umbrella
  • Address: No information available
  • Phone: No information available
  • Email: https://vanilla-umbrella.com/contact.html.


Vanilla Umbrella is an amazing platform, which promotes a platform for experimental and adventurous sexual activities. Women and men from various age groups are members of VU. The mobile apps have a quite user-friendly interface that keeps entertaining the members whenever they visit Vanilla Umbrella. This platform is super secure and has lesser chances of any security threat. The most disappointing feature is its method of joining, which is only based on invites. Unless they make some arrangements to change the system, this platform is unlikely to become popular among sexual adventure lovers because they are too shy to speak out. The safety and security team is constantly trying to improve the security and Vanilla Umbrella safe space for adventure lovers!

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