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The leading social networking app for bi, trans, gay, and queer people.

Grindr Overview

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  • Grindr can boast of successful ergonomics.
  • A considerable number of members.
  • Well-detailed profiles.
  • An interesting freemium.
  • You can meet some ultra-famous users.
  • Grindr operates all over the world.
  • Many features and tools available.
  • Very strict moderation that ensures safety.
  • There are free apps to download for any mobile platform.
  • Gay Radar and other cool features.
  • A lot of ads on the free version.
  • The Grindr app is for gays only. If you're straight or a girl, don't give it a try.
  • Receiving notifications about messages and likes is a paid feature.
  • A considerable amount of fake profiles present.

How Does It Work?

Grindr is nothing other than the Tinder Gay version! The application is available on Android and iOS for free download since its launch in 2009 by Joel Simkhai, in Israel. It seems to be the best and most popular gay dating app worldwide. With more than 2 million users every day, Grindr works in 196 countries.

For the gay community, the use of Grindr has become essential. This dating app provides an overview of members who are near your home. Thus, it is possible to know which ones among your neighbors are secretly willing to meet. This filter is a rather interesting criterion. Grindr also offers the possibility of researching a wider perimeter. You can establish contact with people who are far from your home or even outside the country.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Sign-Up & Login Process

Of course, you will need to create an account if you want to access Grindr’s tools. Registration is very fast, and once the app is downloaded, it will only take you a few minutes to register. Note that you can link your account to Facebook, which adds another security level, identity verification, and makes the process faster. The site will use your photos and your information to complete your Grindr profile. Think about sorting out your areas of interest, the pages or groups you liked because this data will be visible to the users of the dating app.

Creating a profile on Grindr is very quick and easy. However, you will have to fill in some additional information. There is no email verification, but you should upload a photo and verify it to create a profile. Add details about your age, birthday, gender, and sexual health. The last one shows how conscious Grindr users are. In this field, a person may share whether they are HIV positive or have any other illnesses that their potential partners should be aware of.

When you successfully register and complete your profile, full access to the platform opens for you. With the advanced search functionality, you will be able to display profiles according to different criteria that you have specified. This feature proves to be very useful when you want to meet a specific type of man.

Profile Interface

If you’ve filled out your profile correctly, it should be fairly easy to chat with other app members. Indeed, the users of Grindr are quite responsive, and their profiles are detailed. You will not have a hard time finding a partner for a virtual flirt or a next meeting because people state their purpose on the site in their bio description.

Most of the fields are not obligatory to fill in. You are free to state your weight, height, body type, pronoun (related to your “Tribe”), position (top or bottom), and relationship status. Users can also upload one photo at a time. There is an option to link your social media to Grindr so that other people could learn more about your life. You can edit your profile at any time.

You have to be on your guard because, like virtually all applications of its kind, questionable profiles are present. However, detecting them should be fairly straightforward to you. These fake profiles usually have very little information and look overall poorly arranged.



Grindr works based on geographic location. The first profiles offered to you on the home page are chronologically the closest to your location. If another user is closer to you, they will be ranked higher on the profiles we offer. Of course, you are free to change the settings regarding geolocation.

Grindr offers a “meetings” section quite simple for an application of this scope but extremely effective. The operation is clear and based on a matching system. To be clearer, the app offers you profiles, and it is up to you to like them. If a liked profile also likes you in return, you can chat with your match.

In the classic version of Grindr, namely the free one, you will be limited in functionality. It offers everything a dating application needs to offer. Chatting, completing your profile, and watching those of others. However, there is ample advertising; you will not receive notifications and will not have access to all profiles. To have full functionality and more matching possibilities, you should upgrade to the Xtra version of Grindr.

Members Structure and Activities

This dating app has more than 27 million real users, with more than 3.3 million visiting Grindr daily. On average, a user spends an hour inside the app at a time. The response rate and member activity, in general, are high.

Users Age

The core audience is people aged 24 to 35. The minimal registration age is 18 years, so that you can meet quite young people on Grindr. The app is also well suitable for mature dating. You are sure to find a partner of any age among the 27 million users.

Sexual Preferences

All people who use Grindr are gay or bisexual men. Women and straight men will not find a partner there. Users are open about their preferences in terms of position, tribe, and purpose. Meeting a friend or a single gay man who will not object to joining a couple is not a problem using Grindr.

Race and Ethnicity

The ethnic distribution of users is versatile and different. You cannot sort people out based on their skin color or race on Grindr. But you can choose to meet only people from the location near you. In terms of origin country, 25% of users are from the USA. Other countries the citizens of which use this dating platform actively include the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.

Religious Orientation

There are no statistics available concerning faith distribution. No filters concerning religion are present inside the Grindr search engine.

Grindr Dating Website Features

Grindr Dating Website Features

Unfortunately for people who prefer to use the dating apps from desktops, there is no website version of Grindr. You will have to download the mobile application available on Android or IOS.

Safety & Security

Some controversies have happened concerning the secureness of the user data on Grindr. For instance, the data from the sex health section of the profile where a person shares information about their HIV status, have been shared with third parties, especially healthcare organizations that study HIV. After the news about it appeared, the dating app developers declared that they stopped transferring this information, and all the data of Grindr users are secure and private.

Because there is no email verification, some fakes pass the registration process. You are not protected against scammers or fakes on this dating app because everything you need to provide during the profile set is a photo. Users are free to link the account to Facebook. This state of things means that bots can easily enter an invalid email address, upload a stock photo, and freely browse it. They will use it until the moderators notice them or other users report suspicious profiles. Luckily enough, Grindr moderators work quickly and efficiently.

In case you notice a dubious member, you have a right to block them and contact the support team. The site’s terms of use and general policy guarantee you safe browsing of the app and full data protection. After accepting the Grindr user agreement, you can always ask for help or demand the exercise of your rights and freedoms.

Is Grindr Legit or Scam Service?

Known to the general public since 2009 thanks to an Israeli businessman, Grindr is a benchmark application in the field of gay and bisexual dating. This application is very successful, particularly with millions of downloads per month around the world. It is free (although there is a paid option with Grindr Xtra) and operational in many parts of the world and several languages. This dating app is surely not a scam, and you can trust it in matching you to a perfect gay man partner.

Enjoying a very good reputation around the world, Grindr is popular among Android, Windows Phone, and iPhone users. The mobile application providers are responsible for spreading the official version of the app. Be sure to install Grindr from your official provider because it guarantees you quality and authenticity.

For the first access, the app will ask you to provide an email address and your name. You can share your data since the app does not transfer it to the third parties and promises to encrypt the profile descriptions and conversations of all users. Grindr does not charge you for using the app until you decide to upgrade to the premium subscription. If anyone inside the app asks you to provide the credit card details or transfer money for using the app, do not fall for scammers. Report this account to the support team and never share your financial data with strangers.

Subscription Types and Price

Subscription Types and Price

Grindr is currently the leading app for gay and bisexual dating. This service is indeed one of the best gay dating apps, if not the best. You can easily imagine that with such success, access will eventually become chargeable.

With Grindr’s basic mode where access is free, you don’t get all the platform functionality. You will have access to the basic functions, namely: chat, detailed profiles, and a basic search. But you will be annoyed by persistent ads, you will not have access to notifications, and your profile access is limited. If you want to take advantage of all the features, we recommend that you upgrade to the paid subscription. The prices are as follows:

Grindr Xtra

Duration Costs Total
One month $ 13 $ 13
Three months $ 9.4 per month $ 29
Twelve months $ 5.2 per month $ 63

Grindr Unlimited

Duration Costs Total
One month $ 41 $ 41
Three months $ 20.3 per month $ 61
Twelve months $ 14.7 per month $ 177

Free Membership

What you get as a standard Grindr user:

  • Profile setup;
  • Viewing a limited amount of matches (up to 100 per day);
  • Sending and receiving messages;
  • Selecting one “Tribe;”
  • Basic search filters;
  • Browsing the profiles;
  • Creating group chats.
Paid Membership

Grindr is, without a doubt, the #1 app in the gay dating market. This platform is one of the best if not the best app for gay people where you pay for the quality and reputation of the app. You can imagine that such success will pay off sooner or later. In free mode, you have access to a good number of features. But there is much more that you can benefit from when you choose Grindr Xtra. This one is the paid version of the app. With this version you enjoy the features available in free mode and some additional ones. Among these new functions, you have:

  • Zero advertising;
  • You can load and reach 300 members at the same time;
  • Blocklist without limits;
  • Swipe faster.

While it is true that these features are additional and useful points, they are not so essential. You can have ample use of the application or meeting people not paying for Grindr. However, if you opt for the paid mode, you will be comfortable browsing the platform, especially with the absence of ads that often slow down navigation.

Website Design and Usability

Grindr does not have a web version, so all the features described below apply to the usability of the app. It will be necessary to do with the application version, which is available on Android and IOS.

Like most GPS-based applications, Grindr offers a very attractive interface, with good ergonomics that make it easy to navigate the portal. The various features present the app’s functionality on a silver plate and do not require a great deal of understanding before use. Besides, with its large number of users, it is easy to create contacts and discussions on the platform. To receive more matches, you can increase geolocation coverage, especially if you are in the countryside.

Mobile Application

The Grindr platform offers you a well-functioning application with a large number of members. All 26 million users who use the service are present inside the app. The statistic claims that the application has 3.5 million daily visits. You can only imagine how many people are online simultaneously. So, the activity inside Grindr is promising, and you are sure to find your gay match. Therefore, this dating app provides a friendly community, which is a good opportunity, but be careful due to the plentiful fake profiles.

It goes without saying that to have access to the Grindr app’s features, the creation of an account is undeniable. Once you have installed an application on your mobile, it will take you a few minutes to join the platform. Registration is simple and takes very little time. Because yes, like with his alter ego, Grindr allows you to link everything to Facebook. As a result, the app will take your profile, photos, and information into account to complete your Grindr information.

The app is well-optimized and works without bugs. If the advertising irritates you, purchase the premium subscription and use the upgraded version of the platform. In general, it is convenient to use the app as a standard user, and you can browse Grindr without paying for as long as you want.

Contact Information

Contact Information

Company: Grindr LLC

Address: 750 N. San Vicente Blvd, West Hollywood, California 90069, USA

Phone: +1 415 8120244

Email: [email protected]


In the gay platform industry, competition is as tough as that for generalist sites. However, Grindr presents a much better success rate than other applications in the field. It is the best gay dating app that the majority of gay and bisexual men use. The fact that the app is freemium certainly has something to do with its high popularity. When you compare the subscription costs with other apps, Grindr offers one of the lowest prices on the market as well.

One small regret about the free version though: users do not get notification about new posts, messages, or views of your Grindr profile by other members. While it’s true that this doesn’t mean much, you still have to check your email manually to know who has shown interest in you. Therefore, you can’t put the phone down, expecting a notification even if you have new messages.

All in all, Grindr is a very effective application that satisfies the gay community well. Ladies, if you are looking for your gay best friend, this is not the right place to sign up! The Grindr app works for gay, bi, transgender, and queer men only.

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