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Hot or Not Overview

Hot or Not
Hot or Not
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Hot or Not
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  • Easy and time-effective registration process.
  • A large number of members present on the platform.
  • 3-day exclusive premium trial for women.
  • Modern and convenient interface.
  • Along with the working website, the platform also has an active mobile application that goes by the same name and is available on Google Play Store and the App Store for Android and iOS devices.
  • Users can choose to sign-in through Facebook.
  • A wide range of verification options is available to choose from.
  • The platform the notion of liking someone based on just how hot/beautiful they look.
  • Not recommended for serious dating.
  • Most essential features need premium membership to become accessible.
  • Limited number of contact options.
  • Although there is a wide range of verification processes to choose from, one can skip this part according to them.

Starting in 2000, hot or not was initially a platform where users could rate the hotness of a person on a scale of 1-10. What started as a game gave rise to many big-shot ideas like Facebook. Since then, the platform has changed immensely, and so have its intentions. It is now a fully functioning online dating site where one can Cross or Heart a person according to their preference. There are a plethora of features that assist users in making the perfect match.

What is Hot or Not: The Way it Works

What is Hot or Not: The Way it Works

Since its rise in the online dating scene, the platform has gained over 384 million members from the world; in addition to it, the rate at which people join this site is at an all-time high. Hot or not is easy to use and is well designed to suit the younger generations’ needs. Not any older people can be seen joining the site since the site is developed around young adults and teenagers’ dating lives.

How the platform works is simple to understand. A member needs to register to become an active member on the site and simultaneously upload a couple of photographs of themselves so that other members can choose to indulge or not based on their preference of a partner. Once users upload a picture, they can choose to answer a few lifestyle questions such that the platform can find matches suited to your way of life. The user can put up a bio of them in their profile, which helps other users get to know the kind of person. Once the user has filled out all the necessary information and answered all questions, they can start liking. If they like another member, they can simply click on the Heart option or the Cross option if they don’t. It is this easy to like someone on hot or not; the user gets matched if they also like them back, leading the way to start messaging each other.

Sign-up Process and Login Info

Signing-up on the platform is an easy process and also saves time. All the user needs to do to become an active member on the platform is fill in their basic details; this information includes the user’s name, date of birth, location, gender, E-mail, and password. To complete the registration process, the member needs to verify the link sent to their mentioned E-mail address, and it is done. Next, the user needs to upload a profile picture to know what they look like and then approach accordingly. One can either go through this process, which takes no more than a couple of minutes, or be smart about it and sign-up through their Facebook or Google accounts, which will automatically transfer their information as well as their profile picture on hot or not, instantly making them a member of the platform.

Quality of profiles

One can choose to make their profile as appealing as they like by filling in additional information about themself. Once a person signs-up, they can and should also make their profiles as interesting as possible. Letting others know about one’s interests is one of the easiest ways to attract a potential partner. Users can also choose to answer a few lifestyle questions on the platform’s profile section so that other members can approach them accordingly after knowing about them a little. The most appealing aspect of one’s profile is the member’s About section, which is a brief bio. Members can also choose to fill in Work and Education details, their Location, Interests, and Languages they are comfortable with. This helps others know about the kind of human they are and their state of mind. These are hot or not are some important profile features.



To pursue someone, communication is the key. One can only message a user after being matched with them. There are no other ways of interacting with other members without being matched unless the user is a premium member. With a premium membership, the user can text anybody and communicate with them without matching first.

Members structure and Activities

Hot or not is currently one of the best dating platforms, with over 384 million users worldwide. Most members belong to the age of 18-34, or as we can call them, young adults and mid adults. It is so because of the concept behind the platform’s workings. The platform isn’t ideal for initiating a long term or a serious relationship, and hence, older people choose not to use it. On the other hand, young adults and teenagers looking for something casual like hook-up or fling can make the most out of hot or not.

Age distribution

There are all sorts of people on the website who can use it regularly. Most male and female users belong to the age range of 18-34 years. There are very few users who are older than 35 and still use this platform.

Sexual Orientation

People of all sexual orientations are welcome on this teen dating platform. Straight, Gay, Lesbian- all are treated equally and without any difference. The platform is based around to suit the lifestyle of a modern teenager who is open-minded and socially accepted as well and hot or not helps support this way of thinking.

Race and Ethnicity

Young adults of all colors and belonging to all Races are welcome on this platform. It’s the year 2020, and nobody should be judging someone by such superficial things, such as the color of one’s skin and the culture they are from. The platform promotes equality and doesn’t differentiate between any of its members.

Religious Orientation

All over the world, some people believe in a religion different from others, which, in turn, makes the world a religiously diverse expanse of land. Users on hot or not use the website from all around the world, and hence there must be people believing in different religions on the platform. The platform doesn’t discriminate or favor any specific religion; all are free to co-exist peacefully.

Hot or Not: What makes it so Special?

Hot or Not: What makes it so Special?

There are a plethora of things that make hot or not so special. The platform has so many features for the users to make use of. Some of them are:

Swipe Away!

The most liked feature on this platform is how one can choose to like a member. The user can swipe other user’s profiles, right if they like or left if they don’t. This makes the whole process a bit more fun and simple.

Liked You

Members on the platform can see profiles of those members that liked them in the first place. This makes matching with other members more quick and easy.


Members can prioritize other members by adding them to the favorites list and receiving messages from the first and on the top.

Detection of Suspicious Keyword

To check if the users are engaging in any illegal activities.

Safety First!

The platform is careful about its user’s security. There are some specific terms and conditions to use the cookie policies. Users find it easy to report scammers and people dangerous to the website. The output or the backhand team maintains the website and keeps an eye on scammers and on the profiles which are lying idle.

Hot or Not: Scam or Legit?

Hot or Not: Scam or Legit?

All dating platforms, fake profiles are present; there are some on hot or not. The fake profiles are not good in numbers because the technical support team keeps an eye on all the inactive profiles. So, The website is legit, but there are some scammers.

Subscription types and price

These are the types of subscriptions that Hot or Not offer and their prices:

Duration Costs Total
1 Week $3.99 per week $3.99
1 Month $12.99 per month $12.99
3 Months $10.66 per month $31.99
6 Month $8.00 per month $47.99

Free Membership Features

All basic features as available in the free membership plan on hot or not. These include profile creation, uploading as many photos as the member likes, chatting with users after being matched, browsing through profiles, and viewing others’ photos.

Paid members have different features. They don’t get ads and also enjoy premium features offered by the site. A premium member can see the people who liked their profile as well.

The website is designed, keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of teenagers and young adults. From its face, the website looks appealing and trustworthy. The sign-up and registration section is right there on the front page, and hence users can sign-up without having any trouble finding it. All in all, hot or not has a fully-functioning website.

Hot or Not: The App

Hot or Not: The App

The platform isn’t just available as a website; they also have an exciting mobile app available on the App Store and Google Play Store for iOS and Android devices. The mobile app has all the features of the site and much more.

Contact Information

Company: Hot or Not, owned by MagicLab

Address: Not Available

Phone: Not available

E-mail: Not Available


Hot or Not is a useful platform to find yourself a potential date or even just a buddy to chill with online. The members are looked after properly on the website, and their cyber safety is the company’s number one priority. For a perfect match, you need to do some research and also know how to communicate, and this platform will help you in getting one.

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