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Telegraph Dating – a service ruled by the world-known British media.
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Telegraph Dating Overview

Telegraph Dating
Telegraph Dating
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Telegraph Dating
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  • The process of registration is quite straightforward, taking a user less than 5 minutes.
  • Fake accounts are excluded; as the platform team detects scammers easily, banning their profiles.
  • Subscribers’ profiles are quite detailed: a member can fill in as much information as he or she wishes.
  • Various matching filters are available to meet a user’s expectations.
  • Messages are free; therefore, standard members face no limitations from the viewpoint of the service functionality.
  • Mobile applications are accessible to on-the-go users.
  • Such a platform is available in several countries, but citizens from other locations are suggested to join partner platforms equipped with the same functions.
  • Premium membership plans are high-priced.

How does it work?

How does it work?

Telegraph Dating is a dating service controlled by the Telegraph Media Group. Such a corporation is included in the top-50 most visited British online companies. The dating service was launched in 2019.

The working algorithm of the service is straightforward. Visitors need to undergo the registration process, fill in the required information, and be approved by the team. When the registration is completed, members are accessible to select search filters and initiate contact with someone special. As referred to the dating goals, most users wish to find long-term relationships there. Meanwhile, visitors with other dating goals are welcome to join the community as well.

Sign-Up and Login Process

The next steps are necessary to join the service community:

  1. Get on the Telegraph Dating website or mobile application installed on your device.
  2. Specify your gender and sexual preferences.
  3. Select the preferred age group of a person you are seeking. Click on ‘Get Started!’
  4. Choose on your date of birth.
  5. Denote your country.
  6. Create a username.
  7. Give your valid email address.
  8. Create a password containing at least eight characters.
  9. Tick the box, confirming your age is over 18, and you agree to the ‘Terms of Use’ and ‘Privacy Policy.’
  10. Press on the ‘Create Profile’ button.

An email confirmation is necessary to start browsing the service. Enter your email and follow a confirmation link sent by the system automatically. Besides, there is a better way to join the community. Undergo the registration via Facebook.

Sign-Up and Login Process

Profile Interface

The required information, filled in within the registration process, is just 10% of a user’s Telegraph Dating profile. The following sections are available:

  1. About me section. Such a section is considered as basic, requiring your physical description, lifestyle, and cultural characteristics. Members are free to specify their height, figure type, marital and parental status, drinking and smoking habits, education and occupation, homeland, religion, spoken languages, etc. Most fields are optional.
  2. Describe yourself in your own words. Point out characteristics, interests, achievements you consider as the top ones. Inscribe your profile headline to astonish other members. Tell what users should know about you. Furthermore, write down a few words to let others understand what an ideal match means for you.
  3. Upload photos to make your profile vivid. Standard members are affordable to upload ten photos. Select different ones to present yourself from all sides. Note that the Telegraph Dating team moderates all photos.
  4. Recommendations. Ask your friends to leave recommendations, accentuating why you are the best match.
  5. More about yourself. Such a section contains additional questions about your physical conditions, personality, preferred leisure and entertainment, food preferences, etc.

When you wish to change something, open your profile, and edit necessary fields. No restrictions and limits are attached. The system lets users describe as much about themselves as possible to kindle other members’ interests.

Profile Interface


The Telegraph Dating platform offers diverse searching options that help a member meet someone corresponding to interest and cultural views. The following searching settings are available:

  • View members who are online at the present moment.
  • Select newly registered members.
  • Open the most popular profiles.
  • Get members whose profiles are recently modified.

Furthermore, a user is granted by an ability to search people by keywords (phrases or words from profiles), screen names, and birthdays (the system displays persons having a birthday at the moment of searching). Aside from those options, basic and advanced match filters are suggested.

Basic search algorithms include gender, sexual preference, age, and location. Advanced filters comprise star sign, physical description, lifestyle, and cultural characteristics. Such a diversity of filters helps a user find a perfect match and initiate contact with a person who sparkles fire inside your heart.

Members structure and activities


The Telegraph Dating community is about 800 000 users, while more than 100 000 members visit the service weekly. As referred to dating goals, the majority of users are looking for long-term relationships. The service itself aims to help a person his or her perfect match because mutual interests and common lifestyle are frequently even more important than physical appearance. Meanwhile, other dating goals are possible, as well. Some users register on the platform to find new friends or casual hookups.

Users age

Such a dating service welcomes representatives of all age groups. The number of male profiles almost corresponds to the registered female members. As referred to the age differentiation, women are distributed among the following groups:

  • under 25 years: 18.2%;
  • 25 – 35 years: 27.3%;
  • 35 – 45 years: 17.9%;
  • 45 – 55 years: 28.1%;
  • 55+ years: 8.5%.

The Telegraph Dating statistics show that male profiles are distributed among the following age groups:

  • under 25 years: 11.4%;
  • 25 – 35 years: 33.7%;
  • 35 – 45 years: 10.8%;
  • 45 – 55 years: 21.9%;
  • 55+ years: 22.4%.

Note that a person under 18 cannot be a member, according to the British legislature. The platform belongs to the UK-based corporation; therefore, it meets all the legislative requirements strictly.

Sexual preferences

Telegraph Dating is not among the platforms oriented to members of a certain sexual orientation. All users are welcome to join the service. While getting an account, a person needs to specify his or her sexual preferences. Furthermore, select the necessary options among the search filters—for instance, a man seeking a woman, and so on.

Race and Ethnicity

Race and Ethnicity

No specifications concerning a member’s ethnicity are attached. Such a platform is free for all races and ethnicities. Subscribers are affordable to specify their ethnicity while filling in the profile information. As referred to the geographical distribution of users, Telegraph Dating is the most popular in the United Kingdom (59.37% of the whole community) and the USA (14.58% members). While mentioning other countries represented by the largest number of subscribers, Canada (2.30%), Australia (2.16%), and France (1.66%) are indicated.

Religious Orientation

The platform sets no limits or restrictions connected with a user’s religious orientation. Those people who place faith among their top values are able to specify their religious orientation and select the preferred religion among the available search filters.

Telegraph Dating website features

When you’ve set match filters, start browsing the platform to meet special someone. Click on a member’s profile picture to get more detailed information. The system counts a two-way match percentage so that subscribers could understand who corresponds to their interests, values, and views the best.

The following features are accessible to initiate contact:

  • Add a person to your favorites. Such a gesture shows a member that he or she kindles your interest.
  • Invite a person to view your invitation photos.
  • Let a member view your pictures uploaded for favorites members only.
  • Tell your friends about a person.
  • Send him or her a gift, impressing a user.
  • Send a message. Both traditional text messages and one-liners are available for a user.

Such a diversity of communication features gives you carte blanche to select the preferred way to commence contact. Furthermore, subscribers are free to rate other members’ profiles from 1 to 5 stars.

Telegraph Dating website features

Safety & Security

Personal information provided by users is kept safe. The Telegraph Dating requires no real names and exact locations to maintain users’ anonymity. When a person uses a Facebook profile to complete the registration, the system doesn’t transfer data anywhere. Such a step is necessary for only proving you are a real person.

Most profile information fields are optional; therefore, persons decide on their own whether to provide other members with such info. The system displays no contacts. All members are expected to read the ‘Privacy Policy’ before getting an account.

Users are accessible to browse the platform anonymously. Such an option requires a premium subscription or an account registered more than 30 days ago. Furthermore, members are accessible to delete their profiles (accounts are being deleted without the possibility of renewal).

Is Telegraph Dating legit or scam service?

The platform is understood among the most legit dating services. As connected with one of the top-rated British media, such a service detects and bans fake accounts immediately. The registration process requires email verification, but furthermore, members are available to verify their telephone number and get more trust from other subscribers. The team moderates uploaded photos. When there detected any platform rules violation, moderators suspend a person’s profile.

Meanwhile, the service doesn’t function as the police; therefore, messaging history and content is not monitored. Users themselves get access to the blocking and abuse reporting options. Members are free to block other subscribers, specifying no reasons. As referred to an abuse reporting, strong reasons are required. The system forbids nudity content, harassing and offensive messages, personal contacts placing, etc.

The web version contains successful stories. Such a platform is genuinely useful, as people are able to meet each other on the basis of mutual interests and views. That is a key condition for continuous strong relationships.

Is Telegraph Dating legit or scam service?

Subscription types and price

Most features are available for default accounts, but premium subscribers get more chances to find their special someone. There are four premium packages members are accessible to purchase. The longer subscription is, the higher discount a member obtains. Prices for the premium membership plans are the following:

Premium subscription package Price for 1 month Total price
1-month premium subscription £26.95 £26.95
3-months premium subscription £18.95 £56.85
6-months premium subscription £14.95 £89.70
12-months premium subscription £11.95 £142.40

Premium subscribers are free to send messages to any users, but standard members are not accessible to reply. An additional purchase that costs £10.00 more per month unblocks such an ability.

Note that all prices are given in Great Britain pounds, as the Telegraph Dating platform is the British-based one. While purchasing the premium subscription, your currency is about to be automatically converted to GBP, but banking institutions may charge additional fees. Banking cards and PayPal are available among the payment methods. The following steps are necessary to upgrade your account:

  1. Click on the ‘Subscribe Now’ button placed in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Select the preferred package.
  3. Fill in your payment information and confirm the purchase.

The system implies the automatic renewal of your premium subscription. When you wish to return to the standard plan, cancel the subscription within the period prior to 48 hours before the next auto-renewal date. Members are empowered to purchase the premium subscription for someone else as a gift.

Free membership

Standard members are granted by the following features:

  • filling in all available profile fields;
  • uploading ten photos to a profile;
  • setting standard and advanced profiles to increase chances for a perfect match;
  • viewing members’ profile info and full-size photos;
  • adding a member to your list of favorites;
  • sending invitation messages (further communication is possible in case of a reply);
  • rating users’ profiles;
  • blocking and reporting users.

Thus, the list of free options is quite diverse. Meanwhile, paid features make the functionality fully; therefore, chances to find a person you have been looking for are much higher.

The premium subscription provides a member with the following options:

  • unblocking access to private photos;
  • receiving, sending, and replying to messages without any limitations;
  • sending virtual gifts to catch a user’s attention;
  • seeing who’s viewed and added your profile to favorites;
  • searching members by keywords;
  • browsing the service anonymously without the necessity to wait 30 days.

Website design and Usability

Website design and Usability

The web version design is bright and attention-catching. Purple and blue colors are dominating, while other shades are mixed in harmony, evoking no irritation. Such a service is highly appreciated by both the young and mature audience. Fonts and icons are clearly shown. All the features are always at fingertips; therefore, Telegraph Dating saves your time, the most valuable source.

As referred to the functionality, the upper menu contains the main inserts:

  1. Connections. View matches, mutual fans, ratings, and other interactions with other members.
  2. Find. Select the preferred match filters and start looking for your perfect match.
  3. Messages. The insert contains your messaging history, performing the function of a chatroom.
  4. Menu. Get more features connected with a premium subscription, customer support, etc.

When you need to edit your profile information or account settings, click on your thumbnail photo placed in the upper right-hand corner. The web version footer includes dating safety tips, customer support, contacts, and other useful information.

Mobile application

Mobile application

Telegraph Dating has launched applications for both Android and iOS devices to keep on-the-go subscribers always online. Apps grant members by the same functionality and design; therefore, users experience limitations while getting on the service from through their mobile devices.

The iOS-oriented app requires at least 10.10 version of the system and 76.2 MB of free storage space: such an application is compatible with all devices based on iOS. The 4.4 version of the system and 29.1 MB of free storage space are required while referring to Android devices.

Contact information

The Telegraph Dating team does the necessary steps to meet subscribers’ expectations; therefore, any problems are about to be solved in seconds. The website contains frequently asked questions, offering members to find answers. When there are no, apply the customer support ready to help a user around the clock.

Click on ‘Contact Us’ to be directed to the feedback form. Fill in the required fields, describing your problem in detail. Furthermore, a member is accessible to call the team by phone number 0330 123 9050. The company is registered in the Channel Islands.



The Telegraph Dating service is among the most reliable and user-friendly platforms aimed to unite single people. The principal goal of such a service lies in finding a perfect match for every person; therefore, numerous match filters are available.

A person is able to complete their profiles, telling as much about themselves as they wish. Communication options are variable as well: add persons to favorites, send messages, or present virtual gifts. The system counts how much a person corresponds to your searching goals.

Subscribers’ data is safe and secure. The system requires no real names and forbids publishing contacts. Furthermore, users are accessible to browse the platform incognito. Some features are free, but the premium membership unblocks the fullest functionality.

As referred to scammers, the team detects fake accounts and bans them; aside from email and phone verification, the team moderates all uploaded photos. Telegraph Dating is the best dating service for people living in the USA or Great Britain.

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